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This page is designed to share information about our struggle to gain equity for our unique children and their learning styles in a public education system that is designed primarily to teach a single type of learner, and which is increasingly sidelined by fiscal and philosophical issues that challenge the core of its collective existence. We are especially interested in unique learners, and the talented people who teach them, their families, and our shared value as human beings. We seek the end of discrimination, the end of seclusion, separation, and isolation, as well as an end to chemical and physical restraints that are commonly used to assault our children and our unique interpretations of the world.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Other F Word

The Brandenburgs- a still  from the film

The Other F-Word," a film about parenting from the perspective of the fathers- and fatherhood as part of the punk rock subculture, was released in 2011. Directed by Andrea Nevins, it focuses on the former singer of Pennywise, Jim Lindberg, and a number of other dads.

What follows is an interview by BMX rider Rick Thorne of a few of the dads, including Tony, Art Alexis, and Jim Lindberg, which took place at the Nuart Theater in late 2011 when the film premiered in Los Angeles, CA.

and an interview of AndreaNevins, director, Jim Lindberg (Pennywise, The Black Pacific), and Ron Reyes (Black Flag, Redd Kross) from March 2010 at SXSW.

The movie is currently available on iTunes and on DVD from Oscilloscope Laboratories.

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