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This page is designed to share information about our struggle to gain equity for our unique children and their learning styles in a public education system that is designed primarily to teach a single type of learner, and which is increasingly sidelined by fiscal and philosophical issues that challenge the core of its collective existence. We are especially interested in unique learners, and the talented people who teach them, their families, and our shared value as human beings. We seek the end of discrimination, the end of seclusion, separation, and isolation, as well as an end to chemical and physical restraints that are commonly used to assault our children and our unique interpretations of the world.

Friday, December 30, 2011

The File's Got Your Name & They've Got Your Number

by Tony Brandenburg
Originally run on reflexblog, December 27. 2011

"The file's got your name,
They've got your number, 
Sooner or later, 
They'll try and put you under."
Joe Keithly, 2+2 (Something Better Change, 1978)

In this digital age of the misinformation, the question of personal data collection being stockpiled almost seems moot. For some of us, the misinformation superhighway has been a source of communication  for a couple of decades. Its uses for data storage significantly longer that that. In fact, Orwell's Big Brother paranoia was unfounded; people are more than happy to share their lives via social networking without a care in the world. So, the collection of information about you, and especially your children- probably shouldn't alarm or upset you in the least, right?
For any of you locals who have followed what has happened to my family will no doubt attribute this current blog to more of my "posturing" and my "agenda" to devalue and discredit my neighborhood school. While these are not my words, nor my agendas, I don't care either way what people say. I do not seperate my core belief from anything I do in any forum, personal, professional, nor social.
In this age of absolute free speech, I have enjoyed watching people lay out their ignorance infinite. They are free to hide like vermin behind anonymity, and to say things from that hiding place that they would never dare utter in a public dialogue without reprise, lutilizing subterfuge and hidden agendas. They dare not speak aloud what they write on public forums for fear of being discovered. Sooner or ater though, that data will catch up with them, and hiding won't be an option.
So be it.
Schools collect data on your children, and you have little control on what that means. It has been going on for years, it drives funding models, and it is done without a second thought by people who put blind faith into their government and not a second thought about how, why, and what this information is for, or how it is being deseminated. In fact, school districts do this in a very non threatening, but systematic way. They do it on registrations, parent conferences, applications to the PTA, applications for everything.
I have some questions to ask about this, the kind of questions you would ask anyone who hands you an application asking for personal information.
  • What do they do with this information, and why is it collected?
  • Who has access to this information?
  • Why isn't there a disclosure on every document parents fill out promising that this information will not be shared?
  • What control do we have to retract information once we have given it?
  • What database is this information fed into, and where does it go?

This may not affect you, you may not care, or you may never have even given it a second thought. I know I never had, until I learned a lesson from my children's local school, and I learned it the hard way.
I am a teacher. I am a lot of things, but I am a teacher as well. One year, in the Proposition 187 era, I was notified that I was to collect information regarding the status of my student's families for documentation. It was, essentially, to determine their residency status. Does that strike you as within the scope and sequence of a teacher's job? I mean, I took this job to teach, and that is my role. I am not a government mole; I am an upholder of the United States Constitution and it's Amendments. I am an American teacher.
For your information, and in case you didn't know, your child's teacher is the number one collector of information about your education, your profession, your income, your citizenship status, and your ethnic identity. That's just for a start. You give them family history if you want specialized services, insurance information if you need assistance, or not, immunization and medical information. You give them whatever, and you don't bat an eye. In fact, your teacher is the number one collector of information about your child on this planet. That collecting of your personal information is so subtle, and such a given and understood function, that they collect it without even thinking about what they are doing, and you give it up without question. We just do it, and maybe you are cool with that.
How about photographs? It serves a double function. Beside the fact that the photo company makes big money for those tacky photos, your school also gets some fringe benefits. I always wonder how, and who makes the decisions for those accounts....... but that's just me an my agenda talking. I am sure there is a law somewhere that addresses this idea that it is OK for the school to take pictures, even if you have made it clear beforehand that you are not going to buy them, and, of course, somewhere or other I am sure you'll find that the concept of implied consent, which is the idea that consent is implied by silence or inaction, is utilized if you haven't given specific directions to the contrary. (and which, I have learned, doesn't mean that the district will fail to "lose" your statement withdrawing consent.)
What I have found in my own experience is that two to three days a year are totally disrupted by this event- the fall photo shoot, the spring photo shoot, the promotional photo shoot, and the two to three days of make-up pictures. I will also share that I am required to make sure that a photograph is taken for every child, regardless of whether or not they family wishes to purchase the photographs, and that there is a little digital  ticket assigned to each child for the photos. All of that information came from.....where? and goes to......whom?
Oh, I know. Those horrible pictures in a dynamic package starting at $10 and going up to around $50 are part of the school experience, right? Past practice is best practice, right? The photo package- it's a keepsake so that you'll remember this special time in all of your lives..... and maybe if you buy the big pack, you can bury your guilt as a parent that works 40+ hours a week by proving to your child and their school that you love them, that you support education, and that you'll buy the pictures to help out. God knows you wouldn't want your child's teacher to think that you don't care about your child or the school.
Photography profit opportunity days also provide a necessary documentation tool that attributes a digital code to your child, tracks your child from age 5 until 18- allegedly for child safety and law enforcement and school safety- and assigns a picture identification with numeric code to your child. At your school those pictures go into a file, and yes, they also go into a school database- a paperless cumulative file. It all goes stright back into a database, opening up the possibility that any 'talented' hacker can break into, and from that system they can pull that information- your life, and your child's- they can pull that right up. But stuff like that doesn't happen, right? Hackers can't, and don't- break into banks, store, credit card companies, or even or into politician's digital space.
Say cheese.
So, what is a cumulative file and what are its functions? What goes into it? Who can access it? Where is it stored? What other types of files exist?How many of these files exist with your child's information in them? 
I found that these questions, like navigating everything else in the school system, was complicated, and confusing. I personally found that there were more than four files of my youngest child's information floating around through the local school district, and that included information that was submitted to the district and my child's teachers in electronic and written form- from people I didn't know, including professionals from both private agencies and public educational agencies, parents of my child's classmates, board members whom I've never met with, lawyers, and other people I don't know.
So. To write this little blurb I started to do some research. I started with the obvious. Remember when you would call a number and get an operator recording? That's what this statement from the California Department of Education feels like: 
The California Department of Education does not collect and/or store student transcripts, records, or cumulative files for students in California public schools....... To obtain records.......  contact the school directly. If the school is closed, contact the local school district or county office of education for assistance. 
I found the website Great Schools to be a little more helpful. Deidre Hayden's How & Why to Obtain Your Child's School Records ( outlines up to four types of files: 
  • Cumulative file- which is on site at the school, and is generally basic information
  • Confidential file- generally kept at a central location, probably the district office, and which contains confidential information limited to specific personnel. This includes IEPs and such
  • Compliance File (some schools)- generally a file that shows the district met specific compliance guidelines; and
  • Discipline File (some schools)- which are related to long term suspensions and/or expulsion information.
Wow. That's a bunch of information in a bunch of of files, stored in a bunch of places for a bunch of people to access. No worries, right? Everyone is your friend, and they all want the best for you and your family, right? Let them collect away, no questions asked.
Then one day you find yourself in a disagreement with the school, a conflict which doesn't come to simple closure. That's when it all comes rushing forward. Good luck, you may not like what you find. That information will be utilized as truth, even if it is clearly labeled hearsay. and your child will be held accountable for it as if it is all true, and as it all happened the way it was recorded.
I am not speaking in a hypothetical, this has happened to my child. It is through the efforts of the current superintendent that the information that has been "lost or unattainable"  has been located and provided. What that implies for others is that this process may take the efforts of many people to locate what is circulating about your child, and it may take a great deal of time. In this case it took about 14  months of informal requests, and  9 months of formal requests. Patience and diligence has to be a trait possessed to make progress.
There are currently in place through many districts electronic collectors of data that are accessed by teachers and others for record keeping.These fall under many brand names, but generally do the same thing. They are used for tracking attendance, report card information, and student progress on standards. It is essentially a data tracking device.
There's even one that collects phone numbers and adresses so that you get pre-recorded phone call every week from your child's principal. This phone call may seem like a great thing, it is certainly a time saver for the districts that utilize them, but it is a data tool. It is "paperless proof" that you have been notified of events. If your answer machine is like mine, you'll get the greeting and that's about it. You may be provided in a meeting with a pie graph or a list of notifications that show you of notifications you "received" because the tracking tool doesn't recognize that someone else in your house, or even a machine, was actually the recipient of the phone call.
Every morning when I log in to do attendance I am reminded of students that have been suspended in the last three years for specific reasons. There was a time when I received this notification in written form (as required of districts by law) and which I would just as soon blow my nose into and discard. (I personally don't care who has been suspended, and I don't need to know, but I understand the process is a necessity.) This notification is made to all teachers who receive a student has been suspended in case the behavior reoccurs. It is confidential information that only school personnel are allowed to have and discuss. However, as is often the case, it is provided parent to parent when parent volunteers are allowed to access confidential student information (happened to my extended family twice) and when they don't understand the law- which is generally most of the time. As this information becomes fed into data bases, its confidential nature gets lost in  digit and abbreviation codes, so that it is not only readily available to anyone (including substitute teachers who may also be your neighbors) but to anyone who can access the database even temporarily. 
In short, on a daily basis I am notified of student suspensions when I take roll. It is right there, next to the child's name. Talk about labeling a child. 
So. What to do? Well, at any time, for any reason or none at all, you may access your child's cumulative file to look through it. If there are documents there that you do't have, you may request them. There may be a fee for the copies, but often the office staff is happy to run them as time permits. Finding other files may be more complicated and require a visit to the district's office. You may also place a written request for all records. This may also involve a fee. District's are obligated to honor this request, but reminding them of that will probably be counter-productive. Your decision.

Leave No Child Behind (Repost)

Leave no child behind

Parent concerns shine new light on how PUSD handles children with autism

By Sara Cardine 06/23/2011
On the evening of June 6, Tony and Mary Brandenburg convened with friends and fellow parents in front of the University Club of Pasadena. In just one hour, Pasadena Unified School District officials, parents and teachers would start arriving for an awards ceremony intended to honor the efforts of those who work on behalf of more than 2,200 students in the district’s special education programs. 
But the Brandenburgs weren’t there to celebrate — they were there to protest. 
Members of their small group assembled around a pickup parked in front of the club entrance and festooned with posters reading: Inclusion means everyone. Bullying is not OK. 
The parents’claim? Their 8-year-old son, whose name they asked be withheld, was bullied out of his second-grade class at Sierra Madre Elementary School by classmates and their parents, the latter of whom, they report, held meetings off campus to discuss his removal. His crime? Unruly behavior brought on by autism. 
According to their allegations, the parents went as far as filing police reports against the second-grader without notifying the Brandenburgs beforehand. The police dropped the matter, but now the couple says PUSD wants to place the boy in Five Acres, a therapeutic nonpublic school for emotionally troubled children. 
“They are not offering even a single, less restrictive option within PUSD, nor allowing access to typical peers,” Mary Brandenburg said.
The situation may have been avoided, she suspects, if those around him knew the tantrums were part and parcel of his having autism, a condition that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate affects an average of 1 in 110 children in America, and 1 in every 70 boys.
As autism rates continue to climb, so too does the demand for more teacher training, anti-bullying campaigns and meaningful awareness. Fomentation among parents like the Brandenburgs is not always toxic — often it can drive needed improvements within school districts’ autism programs.
Such is the case for PUSD. In May 2010, newly hired Special Education Director Elizabeth Blanco met with a group of parents of students with autism who had been meeting at a private residence to discuss their collective disappointment in the treatment of and lack of resources for their children.  
“I’d asked them to come back to the district and have meetings at the district, so they could work with us more formally,” Blanco said. 
Talking with the parents Blanco, a former special education teacher, realized more might be done to answer the need for better autism services. She asked the parents if they’d consider working as an ad hoc advisory group under the  Community Advisory Committee (CAC), a parent-run group that advises PUSD’s special education effort. Soon after, the district commissioned an autism audit to determine what was working and what improvements could be made.  
The audit, conducted by Altadena-based autism consulting group Education Spectrum, looked at a random sample of PUSD elementary schools and highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of autism-related training, practices and instruction in the classrooms they visited. 
The audit indicated that teachers and instructors were eager to learn more about evidence-based best practices but lacked access to consistent training resources and expertise. It stated that, while some classrooms and teachers used such practices, application was inconsistent.  
“A philosophical shift needs to occur,” the audit suggested. “In order for PUSD to develop an effective educational program for students with ASD [autism spectrum disorder], use of reinforcement strategies and a belief in the need for such programming must occur.”
Blanco says the 32-page document was meant not to evaluate any teacher or classroom in particular, but to provide a launching point from which the district could build a more comprehensive autism program.
“This document helped us know where we need to go next,” Blanco added. “It was more of a starting point for us to build our autism program.”
As a result of the audit, PUSD made provisions for the hiring of an autism specialist; though four candidates have been offered the job, Blanco said no one has stepped up finally to take the position, which remains open to date. 
PUSD also hired behavior specialist Jacqueline Marvel to help lead efforts to train teachers and build important relationships between the district and autism organizations, researchers and parent groups that may help foster increased awareness. Marvel, who previously worked for PUSD as a school psychologist, credits parent involvement and Blanco’s leadership for the changes she’s seen since stepping into the position last August.
“There have been vast improvements in a short amount of time,” Marvel said, sharing PUSD’s plan to create a social day camp for children with autism and a full continuum of special education services for pre-school through fifth-grade students at Webster Elementary School set to launch next year. “A lot of that, honestly, is in response to parent activism and Liz’s leadership.”
At this point, the Brandenburgs aren’t looking to get their son back into classes at Sierra Madre Elementary School but would like to discuss how his needs might be met within the district. While they would ideally like the parents and school staff to admit what happened during the meetings they held about their son, for the sake of closure if nothing else, their request these days is plain. 
“We’re asking the district to do some educating,” Mary Brandenburg said. “We need to fix this, open our eyes and shine a light.”
This could be accomplished by providing better training for all teachers, parents and even students to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorders and their associated challenges and behavioral symptoms, according to Tony Brandenburg.
“General education staff districtwide should be held accountable in supporting inclusive education or be placed into a district teacher training program or be removed until compliant,” he added. 
PUSD parent and past CAC Chair German Barrero agrees. Barrero and his wife, Rosie, attended the June 6 vigil as parents of a child with special needs who attended Sierra Madre Elementary from 2004 to 2007. During that time, Barrero said in an email interview, the couple saw the same exclusionary attitudes and segregation the Brandenburgs described. 
“Clearly, there is a need to educate PUSD parents, teachers and administrators in the area of tolerance for all students,” Barrero said. “Lack of will, tolerance and training made it easier to ostracize than accommodate.”
Blanco acknowledges there is “a huge need for behavior training throughout the system,” but also believes the district is in a cycle of continuous improvement. She encourages families of children with special needs to get involved in the CAC and participate in the changes taking place.
Meanwhile, the Brandenburgs are uncertain what will happen with their son when school starts in the fall. Both have past work experience as special education teachers, so home school is one option. But that won’t provide their son with the important social contact that research shows benefits children with high-functioning autism. 
“He wants to be with people, but he doesn’t always know how to do it,” his mother said, describing his confusion at not going to regular classes. “Now, he’ll say things like, ‘are they going to let me back?’” 


the needs of the one outweigh those of the many.
posted by pusd papa on 6/23/11 @ 08:28 a.m.
The needs of all need to be considered.
I don't allege anything; I have the police report, and I have PUSD acknowledgement that meetings took place ON campus, not just off campus.
It was a good ole fashioned witch hunt, and it was directed at my child. PUSD knew what happened, but it's easier to sweep MY child
under the carpet than it is to face the harsh reality of segregation and bias.
After all, things like this don't happen in Sierra Madre, and when they do, shut it up because we don't want outsiders
to know what a bunch of hypocrites we really are......
Only some of us don't play by the "can't happen here" status quo, and we aren't afraid to stand up and call hogwash when we see it.
Want a cold reality? Try busing half of the school out of Sierra Madre and busing students here. Let's see where this town REALLY stands on inclusive education.
PUSD, on the other hand, should keep on hiding the truth, its REAL objective here. It is significantly cheaper to send kids to NPS settings than it is to try to instate real change and it will continue to do this to children. It will only take one smart lawyer to see this is a class action lawsuit and represent this group of (growing) families.
Only then will people see what happened, and the players in this fiasco will move on to other districts, leaving you and I to pay the bill for their arrogance.
posted by Tbee on 6/23/11 @ 11:03 a.m.
I will also point out that Blanco never asked us to participate under the CAC on any level- ad hoc or otherwise. If Blanco wants our participation, she knows where to find us.
To my knowledge, Ms. Marvel held no teaching experience- begging the question, why would a teacher feel the need to listen to her at all? And there lies the real problem here: too little, too late.
posted by Tbee on 6/23/11 @ 11:23 a.m.
Why were so many affected in the dark about your child's autism? Didn't you tell them?
posted by pusd papa on 6/23/11 @ 12:18 p.m.
Actually, PUSD has seen litigation regarding keeping students out of public schools, and forcing them into non-public settings. Here's an example from 2006:
Check out the demographics at Sierra Madre Elementary School. State average for white students is 28%, but at Sierra Madre, the population is 62%. Cultural diversity is basically non-existent, but Sierra Madre can boast of their African American Parent Council.........that supports the 8% African American students and their families. For some reason, there's no Latino parent council........
Busing would be a great way to establish that outside of StepfordMadre, a world exists where divergent thought, abilities, attitudes, and cultures exist and that separatist/supremacist thinking goes the way of the KKK- underground.
And yes, too little, too late......promises for a bright future are just that. PUSD has lots of lofty ideas, but there needs to be radical change- immediately.
Instead, to spearhead PUSD's plan for an autism program there are candidates for an autism specialist- but no one's stepped up. There are also candidates for another superintendent- but an INTERIM has been placed. There's talk of a "full continuum of special ed services" but where are they?
Has Sierra Madre found a new principal? Has PUSD decided where the 1st grade blended inclusion kids at Sierra Madre are going to end up in September since the program cuts off? Has it been decided who the SM parent vigilantes are going to target next school year, since they presumably got away with it this year? Will they continue to patrol the playground and use the Brandenburg child as an example of their power in removing "naughty children"?
Is PUSD really ready for some change? Then stop talking about it, and make it happen.
Since October, 2010, the District has not addressed the discrimination and segregation that happened at Sierra Madre School, thus perpetuating the ignorance, and discriminatory practices at Sierra Madre, and potentially throughout the district.
The group of parent bullies at Sierra Madre school continue to believe they acted within their rights.
There are also some Sierra Madre teaching staff who also believe they didn't need to support a child in crisis. Instead, they turned their backs when the child's parents asked for their support, or feigned ignorance when parents circulated a petition in the hallways or complained about the child's behaviors, or looked the other way when students whispered his name, and ran in fear.
As the numbers of children with autism continues to rise, ALL schools will have to include, and welcome, all types of learners, including those that don't self- advocate in socially "acceptable" ways.
posted by merryanarchy on 6/23/11 @ 12:42 p.m.
@pp. Thank you for asking. We aren't sure because the school never told us there was a problem. We just found ourselves being increasingly left out of discussions, to the point that we weren't given class lists- which everyone else received. It was odd.
I had a heart attack at the beginning of October, at the school, and my son's challenges escalated. again, we weren't told anything, but no one asked, either.
I don't know, but I would assume any child would freak out after seeing what my son saw. It was a natural response to show anxiety, but he lacks the skills to effectively communicate that confusion.
posted by Tbee on 6/23/11 @ 02:31 p.m.
@ma. Good point. Maybe the board of education can explain why Sierra Madre Elementary is allowed to function essentially unchecked with it's lopsided demographics.
Is it because they are a 900 API school?
I don't know, but from my own personal experience I can tell you that they have figured out how to eliminate "difficult" students quite effectively. I have watched children like mine sit in time out at that school until they are moved out.
Send them to a NPS, or to one of those "other" schools. I call that NIMBYism, but maybe there is a more polite and politically less offensive term?
posted by Tbee on 6/23/11 @ 02:46 p.m.
Btw, ms. Marvel has been there at least three years, so this new title, while politically friendly and nice on paper, amounts to New wine in old wineskins, doesn't it?
posted by Tbee on 6/23/11 @ 02:53 p.m.
I find it very hard to believe that you had no idea that your son was such a disruptive force, or was any type of significant disipline problem.
I also take exception to the belief that it"s somehow bad that demographics of a public school reflex those of the immediate surrounding community.
posted by pusddad on 6/23/11 @ 03:57 p.m.
Hark! I think I'm hearing some dueling banjos.....well, as long as they stay outta my back yard..........the demographics should remain constant.........just don't sell to any interlopers.
I find it amusing that pusddad believes that the demographics reflect the number of people with disabilities. There are plenty of people who live in the city, who are also white, and have a disability. Does Sierra Madre school reflect this section of the community? Or would those precious API scores be compromised?
pusddad.........did you happen to be "in the know" about what a "disruptive force" this child actually was? Happen to see any petitions floating by???
The only people that stood by this child the entire year were from the TOTAL agency. They didn't give up on him, but continued to believe in his value as a human being. When this seven year old child was ostracized and segregated, they walked him to the campus with his mom, they saw what this little boy had to face when a portion of a school believes that they can pick and choose who stays, and who goes.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/23/11 @ 06:33 p.m.
Loaded questions, I am in Barcelona right now. It is comforting to know that I left my family in the hands of such understanding people, papa. You know who I am. It is reflects, but i get it.
Show your face.
posted by Tbee on 6/23/11 @ 06:47 p.m.
hey pusd PAPA i found your white cloak with attached hoodie over on yonder yard please look next to the burnt wooden stake jutting out of the lawn!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/23/11 @ 07:43 p.m.
The easiest, Christian thing to do is to apologize, but that actually requires one to accept and honor one's credo, and to do so might compromise one's position at the communion table. It's all smoke and mirrors, isn't it?
posted by Tbee on 6/23/11 @ 07:49 p.m.
my comment was directed to pusd DAD not papa . and pusddad i found your missing tooth on the grounds of sierra madre school not sure if you want it back but its also with a copy of the film deliverance !!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/23/11 @ 08:09 p.m.
i dont think there are true Christians in that town why would they all be carrying pitch forks and torches???
posted by minnie mouse on 6/23/11 @ 08:11 p.m.
@MerryAnarchy: you point out the 62% white students in SM and assert that "Cultural diversity is basically non-existent."
What ethnic mix would satisfy you? One that reflects national, state or city numbers?.. all of which are different and none of which the district as a whole reflects.
And, how did Christianity get brought into this discussion, anyway?
posted by True Freedom on 6/23/11 @ 10:08 p.m.
@"True" Freedom- Actually, I didn't bring Christianity into this.
What ethnic mix would satisfy me? I was simply pointing out the city demographics, as compared to the rest of PUSD, or even the state......I'd also like to see the numbers of students with disabilities at SM, as compared to other schools within the district- and how the API scores compare (eg. Marshall Fundamental).
BTW- Cultural diversity encompasses much more than simply race, or ethnicity. I was talking about diversity of social class, language, morality, gender, age, sexual orientation, and yes......disability.
Sierra Madre recognized National Inclusion week, while a child with an "invisible" disability was segregated from his peers, at his HOME school.
With diversity acceptance, respect, and valuing of differences, there's also equity. Educational equity is more than affirmative action, or just allowing access. The move towards equity in education was begun many years ago-Brown vs. Board, separate is NOT equal. Simply saying a school is "inclusive", having a special disability awareness day, or week, but behaving exclusionary otherwise, is hypocritical, to say the least. Sierra Madre elementary is a public school, but there are some that perceive it as a private school, where access can be denied to those that don't "cut it".
posted by merryanarchy on 6/24/11 @ 12:00 a.m.
Me. It was a statement of irony. I hear a bell every fifteen minutes and on the hour here.
It doesn't belong in this discussion. We are talking about a child excluded from his school, and that has nothing to do with ethics and morals, right?
I haven't fact checked those statistics, but if my child needs to be bused from his home school, I personally would like to see this same decision made for all. In the case of my child, we aren't talking about a choice to go to the school closest to home, but an outside decision for forced busing to a school somewhere else.
Simply put, I want that equity for all. Randomly decided, on whatever statistical tool you choose.
posted by Tbee on 6/24/11 @ 12:15 a.m.
As for school stats, those are usually found in the school report cards online, if anyone wants to look at them. I believe the avg is identical.... But i assume the city stats and school's are similar if the school population reflects the city population. Not really my discussion, though, i am curious if these numbers reflect the district populations. I personally am more interested in how it is reflected by ses, and especially how it relates to people identified with LD, as my direct experience is that there is a drop off at first grade. That will be fixed on paper with a special Ed classroom, I would imagine. Then everyone at smes can pat themselves on the backs and congratulate themselves for being so proactive.
posted by Tbee on 6/24/11 @ 12:57 a.m.
That was a cool send off for the principal last week, btw. It was a "total surprise" that involved fire dept and two entire school campuses. I wonder if the school will bust into "all you need is love" in a true emergency.
In such an environment, could it be reasonable that the things I discussed as having occurred at smes could have happened? that a principal could possibly NOT know that a group of parents collectively organized an removed a specific student?
Well, in the beautiful send off, which I wasn't told about, included the entire school, and had an agency assist, didn't it?
posted by Tbee on 6/24/11 @ 01:11 a.m.
I don't agree w/mainstreaming 100%,who want to deal w/fighting a child this is not a teacher job plus some parents want all the rights but don't won't to follow the same rules as gen ed students,I don't feel a child in a diaper should be in a gen.ed building no one enjoy dealing with the body waste of your child these children need to be in a life skill program w/parents to learn how to guide their child in life an stop pushing them off on others,blaming other I often wonder why is the public schools district's the only ones you can bully an you can bully every day @ the end of the day this is still your problem an issuse for the rest of your life not the school's.
posted by OMG on 6/24/11 @ 05:30 a.m.
Children with disabilities should have full access to public schools. Those who, for whatever reason, are a constant significant impediment to the learning environment of collective group should not.
posted by pusd papa on 6/24/11 @ 07:40 a.m.
OMG, you are apparently a second language learner, or at least grammatically challenged. Or, maybe you are trying to bait someone?
How would you like a teacher simply to refuse to teach you based on your language abilities? Or maybe your race?
You may have missed this, but there are civil rights laws that guarantee equal access for all people- including those that don't have control of their body functions- or even their language status.
Where would you like to put the elderly? Or how about someone like Stephen Hawking?
Do you suggest our society go back to the times when institutionalization was acceptable, or maybe even back to when euthanizing those whose lives were not considered as valuable?
You, OMG, have voiced what most "PC" people would never dare- and for that, I thank you. Try re-reading your statements, and reflect on how vile you really presented yourself. Did you really want to sound so ignorant? I'd suggest you do a little research. Maybe check out the definition of discrimination, and then maybe even look up a couple of Federal laws........Section 504 of the Voc. Rehab. Act.......or maybe doesn't matter what you do, or don't agree with- it's the law.
posted by merryanarchy on 6/24/11 @ 08:08 a.m.
I don't feel it's ignorant not to want to be attack while teaching,I don't feel it's ingnorant not to want to deal w/a older child body waste and it's not a medical problem,you can't force a job to hire a person and expect them to execpt the terms that the public school must except,so you can say what you want abt me,quote the law all you want it's still your problem for the rest of your life,there is not one law that can force ppl to except some of the behavior's that can be part of ASD. No I don't want to see any child treated any less then human,but some parent's thank the school can an should do it all w/budget cuts,cuts in staff plus don't touch the child because you will get sued,don't put my child out for wrong behavior deal w/it Also I still feel a child that is not able to go to the bathroom should be in a living skill program where ppl are train to help,teach an guide the children not teacher's whom have not a clue on what the needs are,since they didn't take sp.ed they didn't intend on teaching sp.ed parents say go get train who's going to pay for that the district won't,parent's won't and with teacher's pay being cut up to 10% plus force to pay 20% of their health care so they want pay out of their pocket,I often wonder with the money parents use to sue the school districts why not use that money to go to school and learn how to help their children.Sorry that this is not grammaticall correct for you,but the fact is it's still your child,your problem an no person will ever except being attack by any human being for any reason.
posted by OMG on 6/24/11 @ 09:09 a.m.
OMG your white cloak is also waiting for you on that burning lawn please take off your rose colored glasses to enable you to see that cloak with attached hoodie you so proudly wear!! hee haw make sure you wear you sh-- kicking boots with that ensemble !! and please take out that toothpick wedged in between your teeth along with that confederate flag dangling from the back of your off roading truck with the extra big tires!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/24/11 @ 09:18 a.m.
omg sometimes parents have to sue the school district in order to get the help their child needs!!!!! without a lawsuit the school would do sh-t!!! these suits are NOT about money BUT about forcing the school to do right by the child if not for this pusd would do NOTHING!!!!! get your facts straight before you start spouting off stuff that clearly has no bearing!!!
oh and by the way i saw you in that clan meeting held in the park!!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/24/11 @ 09:27 a.m.
For someone who don't want your child judge,how quick one judge,if someone ask if that was your child on the short bus you would be offended!!! by the way was it!!!!
posted by OMG on 6/24/11 @ 09:57 a.m.
Also any time a child have a bm on them self parents should be call to the school to come pick them up an take them home to be clean up the school have rest-rooms not showers that should not be used to clean up in a public sink where ppl wash their hands,nor should the clothes be left in the class or in the hall who want to clean a 10-12 yr old etc child that's not their child (NOBODY) it's insulting, to teach a child to speak,relate to others is one thing to be attack an clean body waste is what school staff should deal with NO!!! if so why can't you make day-care center or private school deal w/this better yet why won't they. And you can toss your insult's out because all don't agree with all you want them to,but know to insult is to be insulted
posted by OMG on 6/24/11 @ 10:29 a.m.
OMG or should i say dr josef mengele . i will explain to you who he was since you are obviously mentally challenged!!! he was = a german ss officer who worked in a nazi concentration camp ( a concentration camp = a place where one holds prisoners )doing all sorts of experiments on poor defenseless jews and people like you ( the disabled)!!!!! so if i were you i would change my thinking because without laws you would be history!!! and with your thoughts i bet all people that are challenged should be institutionalized so that would include you so you better change your thought process or you will be put out to pasture with the children who need thier diapers changed. hark i hear its time for your changing !!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/24/11 @ 11:14 a.m.
OMG......good choice for a moniker. What flies off your keyboard can cause one's jaw to drop, and then to say....."Oh My God, did she really just say something so ignorant??"
Not sure what's your deal with toileting challenges, but to each their own.........
What I'm not understanding, though, is that the article is about the need for education, compassion, acceptance, respect, inclusion, and obvious necessity for district-wide change- but somehow has become a continuation of the discriminatory mind-sets that let to the writing of the article.......
PUSD has acknowledged that change and program improvement need to happen......Like it or not, the law is the law, and FAPE and least restrictive environment includes EVERYONE, including those with behavioral challenges, ASD, and even those with bowel/bladder issues.

PUSD Spec. Ed. Dept. has their work cut out for them if this is an example of what they're up against in raising awareness, and support for specialized programs, and integration.
Where are the people that don't agree with this outright ignorance and elitism? Where are the people that believe that all children should be part of their community, of their home school, and not hidden away somewhere?
Oh, and pusdpapa, you do realize that when you feel that the line can be drawn wherever you see fit, that you have taken the law into your own hands?
It's very telling in your judgement re: a "constant significant impediment to the learning environment of the collective group" where you stood in this whole issue. Are you aware that besides circulating a petition of exclusion, some parents also took the law into their own hands and filed undocumented charges with the police department, to support their agenda of removal?
Consider, if the parents knew this child had autism, would that have made his sensory, social, and communication challenges more acceptable?
Consider that, the child, the teacher, the students, nor the parents were adequately prepared for a child that was dumped into a general ed program. But somehow, the child, and his parents were blamed for a district-wide program failure- how fair is that?
Consider, an outside agency had to try and implement a positive behavior plan that the staff at Sierra Madre school refused to follow, as they thought they knew better than scientific, research-based methods of positive behavioral interventions (eg.the guidance room, indiscriminate physical restraints are still the punishment of choice).
Consider, the child had physical pain associated with writing, but lacked the communication skills to self-advocate in a socially acceptable way that his hand hurt.
To see a child and the behavior resulting from the disability as one and the same, is part of the problem. Children with hidden disabilities look like they should be able to behave, and if they don't, it's either blamed on them, or on bad parenting. Very sad.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/24/11 @ 11:58 a.m.
Children with disabilities that obviously disrupt the learning environment for everyone else should be put into a program that is specially tailored for their special needs. This is both for the benefit of the child AND all the other children as well.
posted by True Freedom on 6/24/11 @ 12:27 p.m.
well put stepfordrenegade!!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/24/11 @ 12:28 p.m.
FYI- Under IDEA, Least Restrictive Environment is not simply based on parent, nor teacher consensus. It is mandated by Federal Law, and is subject to specific guidelines, not simply an uninformed group opinion.
An objective analysis of the situation for each child, based on specific data collected, determines when, and if, any child's environment needs to be more restrictive. There is also a continuum of LRE that is clearly lacking in PUSD, thus the reliance on a segregated NPA, rather than less restrictive alternatives within the district.
Notice the K/1 blended inclusion program simply cutting off? Where are those kids ending up? Sink or swim didn't work for English Language Learners, nor does it work for children with specialized learning needs.
Before simply excising the "problem" and dumping "it" elsewhere, it needs to be shown that ALL necessary supports, accommodations, services, etc. were provided to the child, PRIOR to any program change. These mandated provisions were not provided, thus the child was bound to fail, let alone that the court of public opinion had already decided against him, from the moment he set foot inside the door of the classroom.
In the situation we're all presumably referring to, this 7 year old child was judged by ignorance and discrimination, and his program was changed without his parents being notified that there even was a problem. Was that beneficial to the child and his family? Or did that serve to benefit others?
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/24/11 @ 01:12 p.m.
@stepfordrenegade: it's good to see that there is a process, though from your description, it does not sound like the process was followed.
Out of curiosity, how did the parents not know there was a problem? I see and talk to my seven year old's teacher everyday and know if my kid even sneezes sideways.
Was the teacher duplicitous.. smiling as if all was good? Were the parents unengaged or otherwise too busy to know? How is it possible that the disruption could be bad enough for parents to circulate petitions and file police reports and the child's parents not know?
posted by True Freedom on 6/24/11 @ 01:24 p.m.
I too have an autistic son and can empathize with the parents of the 8 year old boy of whom this article is about. I hope I used the correct term "empathize", if not I apologize. I have had to "battle it out" with my son's school over him "not qualifying" for summer just exactly what "not qualifying " meant I don't have an answer....but I protested about him not getting summer school and eventually he was accepted, to which I was relieved. Kids with autism or any disability-learning or physical- no matter how profound deserve the right to an education just as any other child does on this the people who have made such ignorant remarks on this matter......WHAT IF THIS WAS YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER??????? WOULDN'T YOU FIGHT TO GET WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOUR CHILD HAD THE RIGHT TO RECEIVE??!?!?!?! FREEDOM OF EDUCATION MEANS FREEDOM OF EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE.....NOT JUST A CHOSEN if I seemed to have miss the point here, forgive me, but I stand behind the parents and their son on this matter......
posted by staceylgnunn on 6/24/11 @ 01:34 p.m.
great post stacey!!!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/24/11 @ 01:38 p.m.
Well put True Freedo as a parent it's my right to protect my child @ all cost as any parent do,I do not want my child attack at any cost will I u/stand that this child have more rights because of their disabilites that they can hit,spit,kick an bite but not be punish,but if a gen.ed child do the same thing their parents are call and put out for up to 3 days,if a gen.ed student soil their self parents are call to pick them up I feel if they are in a gen.ed building they should have to follow the same rule's as all student's.My husband an I went out to dinner while having dinner a child came up to the table grab food out of my plate I was shock all the mother could say was I'm sorry he have ASD and have a hard time waiting I didn't care abt the ASD the fact is she used it,I call the manger an told him to give her my bill,if that make me ignortant oh well. As for diapers yes parents should change their school age child diaper why would you want some1 touching your child in that way outside of family.
posted by OMG on 6/24/11 @ 01:42 p.m.
As someone who works with children, I am absolutely horrified by the way the PUSD treated the Brandenburg's child. The lack of caring and compassion towards their child by the PUSD is truly sad. The bottom line appears to be what PUSD parent and past CAC Chair German Barrero stated in the article, “Lack of will, tolerance and training made it easier to ostracize than accommodate.”
posted by Eric Lara on 6/24/11 @ 02:09 p.m.
omg once again your opening up your big idiotic mouth ! do you and freedom really think that these parents didnt do anything please look at the facts they are trying to help their own plus the millions of children with disabilitys!!! the pusd including the teachers acted like everything was just dandy im sure the parents kept on them asking all sorts of questions and getting untruthful responses!! but i will let someone with more knowledge speak of these points. i am sure these people will post real soon!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/24/11 @ 02:09 p.m.
The school system is broke!!! Period!! Time for MAJOR CHANGE!!
All my love and strength to the family, they have a major battle ahead of them. Its good to know not everyone is as ignorant as this OMG jackass.
Keep the discussion open, Invite others into it.
NO ONE deserves this treatment, and only thru discussing, Involving, and Changing is this ever going to change. And since I know the family involved, THERE WILL BE CHANGE!!
Shame on PUSD!!!!!!
posted by ruckus on 6/24/11 @ 02:26 p.m.
I am intrigued by the group mentality and how it lulls the common person into believing their actions are justifiable. By hiding behind their peers, they remove the shame and guilt of their actions. When those people are isolated from their peers the truth in their reality is exposed.
Nazi Germany never would have went along with Hitler if it were not for the group mentality. Outside of the group, the horrors of their crimes were brutally exposed.
I have a son who suffers from the same condition that the Brandenberg's child has. My son also was not treated fairly in his school by the faculty. He is now home schooled. I find it troubling that I pay the same taxes as other home owners yet my child receives absolutely no educational benefits from the State. Segregated, isolated, and abused.
Behind the group mentality... it is perfectly fine for these things to happen to our children. But if the shoe was on the other foot... if it was their child as opposed to mine.... it would be a different song.... all along... as long as the group uses it's influence in your child's favor and not against it.
This is the 2011 folks. Why does it feel like 1911?
posted by Baloney on 6/24/11 @ 02:45 p.m.
I support and commend the Brandenburgs for fighting for their child's rights. When our children became school age we had the option to move back east, where our families are and the public schools take care of our children's needs. If only in spirit, my husband and I stand along side the Brandenburgs. SHAME ON YOU PUSD.
posted by dromettes on 6/24/11 @ 02:49 p.m.
i support the brandenburgs and all children who have been victimized by ignorant parents who in a quest to provide the "perfect environment" for their own children try to exclude and demonize others ...
posted by stevenjay on 6/24/11 @ 03:44 p.m.
If not wanting any child to come up and grab food off my plate or not wanting to change a school age child diaper make me a jackass oh well,I feel every person should be treated equal as long as it's equal all around It's clear you don't won't your child call out of their names or disrespected but if a person do not agree 100% w/your cause boy do you toss the insults out I wish I could reach that level with ppl who dare not to agree my cause so when someone call your child that awful -R- word just remember the names you don't have a problem calling ppl.For the record I know I'm not the only person who think this issuse need to be reform for both party's the child an the school and now I see why staff can't be honest w/some parents an really don't want to deal w/some parents just know this is a job,they get pay and not good so @ the end of the day they go home to their families,and still this is your child,your issuse that you need to put the most work into not the schools and that go for every child specal need or not.
posted by OMG on 6/24/11 @ 04:32 p.m.
omg OMG get off the diaper thing already!!! God forbid someone has change your diaper in your old age !!! according to you and your dumb s--t ways you should be stewing in your nasty filth for days!!! i never called you the r word i wouldnt use that type of word i just call what i see and ive been reading some intellectually challenged verbiage spewing from your mouth!!! omg you take my breath away and i gasp for air with laughter after reading your posts!!!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/24/11 @ 04:55 p.m.
We support the Brandenburg family in their fight for what"s right. Get 'em T & M!
posted by GumbyHendrix on 6/24/11 @ 06:43 p.m.
I support the Brandenburg family. My son has similar behavioral characteristics as their son. It is never easy. Day to day is harder than parents of normally challenged students could ever imagine.
I thought this society is supposed to be progressing towards compassion and understanding rather than painful and willful ignorance?
I hope they tear that school district apart if that is the path said district has chosen to follow. I hope that the ignorant are exposed and shamed. I hope a little of this child's pain and anxieties can be shared with the responsible ones.
posted by mdauley on 6/24/11 @ 07:23 p.m.
@True Freedom- you ask some good questions.
No, parents did NOT know the extent of the problem. Don't forget, the child has communication issues.
Parents were not kept informed by the school, and were asked to step back to allow the child to separate and adjust without parent presence.
Parents sent email after email to various school staff expressing concerns that the unplanned transition was causing the child stress.
SM staff told the parents that "everything was being done to implement the IEP"- but which still has not been supported by any data.

Not a single meeting, nor mention that there were any significant issues, until after the unsubstantiated "assault" charges were filed with the local police. Then, of course, parents were informed, completely after the fact.
Imagine, being kept in the dark to that extent regarding your own child.
Imagine, finding out that people within the school community, people that had been to birthday parties at the home, rather than supporting the child, and the family, instead gathered and discussed an agenda to remove the child- without a single person approaching the parents to discuss their concerns.
That, is an example of the pure cowardice.
Not a single parent involved has tried to take responsibility in their actions that ended up in ostracizing a seven year old child from his community.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/24/11 @ 09:01 p.m.
Very few pusd parents expect perfection, but should not be expected to tolerate a constantly unruly child in their kid's classroom. If my kid and others cannot learn to their potential because your unruly kid is a constant distraction, for whatever the reason, I should be able to assert my child's interests without being considered a nazi.
posted by pusddad on 6/24/11 @ 10:24 p.m.
When you hide behind anonymity, or behind a group mind, you highlight your cowardice "pusddad".
Why don't you "assert" your interests and put a face on what discrimination looks like?
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/24/11 @ 10:47 p.m.
heil hitler pusddad!!! you are such a coward why dont you show your face instead of hiding behind the moniker pusddad. the brandenburgs were not afraid to show their faces and speak up for the rights of their child PLUS the rights of all children with disabilities . this child was bullied by parents and i suspect you are one of these parents with the mod mentality that are soooooooooo ignorant you dont know which end is up!!!! this child was bullied by YOU out of the classroom from the beginning of the school year . so by you stating the child is constantly disruptive is ludicrous he was barely in class!! i can think of a few of you mob parents with the truly unruly children say for instance one child is always grabbing anothers crotch now thats really disruptive and by not knowing anything like the rest of your mob i can come up with the conclusion that there is something definitely wrong with that child!!! now get back to your clan meeting which consists of bullying children, torch burning, and staking crosses on lawns!!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/24/11 @ 10:50 p.m.
good statement stepfordrenegade!!! come on pusddad bully dad show your WIMPY , YELLOW BELLY, TOOTHLESS ,SISSY, WHITE CLOAK WITH ATTACHED HOODIE FACE!!!! or are you too busy with OMG trying to have a meeting !!! i can only imagine what an ignoramus bully and a mentally challenged nitwit are going to plan !!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/24/11 @ 10:58 p.m.
That you continue to assert your "right" to TARGET and BULLY a little boy, under the guise of "parent concern" is a disgusting show of ignorance, and mob mentality.
The parents that formed a vigilante group know who the Brandenburgs are, but the cowards continue to hide behind their excuses, and have now taken to the school playground to exercise their "rights" to control "unruly" and "non-compliant" children. What's next PUSDdad?
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/24/11 @ 11:06 p.m.
hey pusddad why dont ask yourself why the teacher is such a lame brain and isnt able to keep control her class . she should be able to if she followed correct procedures that should have been implemented at the start of the year with a child with the sort of disability he has!!! then none of these discussions or you clan meetings would have taken place if these procedures were followed!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/24/11 @ 11:07 p.m.
you ask pusddad whats next well i would like to know the answer to that question also!!!! where are you now pusddad are you dreaming of over the knee black boots , little tiny black mustaches, rifles and insane experiments performed on defenseless people!!! or are you reading mein kampf!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/24/11 @ 11:18 p.m.
@ pusddad, omg, & truefreedom
I would like to think my taxes go for all children, not just yours. If you want to "protect" your kids, pay to put them in private school. Don't use my hard earned money to exclude one to better yours.
posted by renfrow515 on 6/25/11 @ 04:51 a.m.
The Brandenburg family have all my support.
As a former therapist myself, I am bound to think that given the right scenario the inclussion of disabled kids in standard classrooms is positive and enriching for both sides.
I also have the honour to know Mr. Brandenburg a little bit. The world around him is a better place. Wish I could be there to raise my sign and protest myself!
Jonathan Vidal,
Barcelona (Spain)
posted by bbquattro on 6/25/11 @ 07:01 a.m.
Every negative post on this thread is missing the true meaning of this article. I want to add to this article by giving a personal message to all who are assuming that Tony and Mary are only concerned about their child, and not the rights of all children of special needs.
We have had the experience of PUSD and their Special Eduction Department. Believe me, I didn't want to place my only child in the public school system, but with my child's diagnosis of Downs Syndrome, this was my only option. I had no idea what was about to happen when he entered PUSD.
I initially assumed that PUSD had my child's best interest and needs, and I was wrong. My son was sexually molested by an Special Ed Aide at Marshall Fundamental. I sent him to school every day, not knowing that this was happening to him. Can you imagine living with that for the rest of your life? Do you want to know how I found out about it? One night before school, my son had a melt down, and in his own speak, told my husband and me what was happening to him. I immediately took him to the police station to report it, and promised him he never had to go back to Marshall Fundamental. I never heard from ANYONE from PUSD after that incident. Not one teacher or administrator, to ask me how my son is doing, not one person offering some type of counseling for my son, just hey, lets switch him to another school, and never speak of it again.
Does this story sound familiar? Lets not address the problem, or get this child help, lets just place him somewhere else.
I am lucky enough to know Tony and Mary, and their invaluable knowledge of our education system. They had taken time out of their lives, to attend IEP (Individual Education Plan) meetings, which is more than I can say for my son's own teachers and PUSD administrators who wouldn't show up, I saw first hand, when Tony and Mary would challenge the programs offered to my child and the faces of irritated teachers and administrators who knew that their gig was up.
We support Tony and Mary and their child. This issue may be about their child, but please think of the impact this will have on other children in the future. It only takes one very brave family to challenge a school district, and the support of the community, to make changes.
If you don't have or care about special needs children, please continue to live your blessed life, but if you are like Tony, Mary or myself, with the life long challenge of obtaining the simple rights of tolerance, acceptance and inclusion for ALL children, please jump on board, this train is on full speed.
posted by GodMother on 6/25/11 @ 09:09 a.m.
I can't believe some of the comments here! The fact of the matter is that children with special needs are entitled by federal law to a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment possible. For many children with autism spectrum disorders, inclusion is the best way to teach appropriate social skills. Children with autism are usually very intelligent and putting them in a special needs class just to manage behaviors instead of to challenge their strengths is a huge disservice. With appropriate supports, most autistic children can flourish in a mainstream classroom. Not only that, but inclusion has many, many benefits for typical children as well. Appreciation of diversity, teaching tolerance and compassion and respect for individual differences, things that many of the commenters here seem to be lacking. Again, this child is entitled to the same things any other child attending public school in this country is. It's called IDEA, look it up and maybe try to learn some basic human decency while you're at it!
posted by LeiLey on 6/25/11 @ 10:48 a.m.
@renfrow515: take a deep breath buddy. I don't know about the other commenters, but if you read my posts I never mention not using your tax dollars to better my child. Of course, every child deserves a free public education.
I advocate, as I think most reasonable people would, putting children with special needs in an environment suited for their condition... that may mean in General Ed but with a teacher specially trained to deal with the behavioral issues or that may mean in a separate part of the school with special support staff, or that may mean in a completely different campus specializing in a particular disorder.
That is really in the best interest of the the child and the others around him.
For this story, it doesn't sound like the general ed population was working very well for this child, but where they put him sounds like it was on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. Sounds like PUSD needs some more specialized care/ processes/ training to deal with the spectrum of children with ASD.
(and, not that it matters, but all three of my kids are in private... so I'm certainly not one of the parents at Sierra Madre on either side of the issue)
posted by True Freedom on 6/25/11 @ 11:04 a.m.
I am currently in France. I apologize for not dropping in, but I am on tour, and work is difficult for a monlolinguistic slightly off-center American working from fatigue and pure drive.....
I would like to start by asking people to stop referring to the parents from the opposite viewpoint of being members of the klan, or having a nazi agenda, or whatever. I apologize if by comparing this situation to "can't happen here" that I inadvertently set that in motion.
And in that, lies the deeper rooted problem. While it is, and always been my belief that there are people who didn't give my family a snowball's chance in Hell, they also had concerns, and those concerns can, and should be
validated. If my child came home, shared a bunch of incidents of mayhem and distraction..... I would be on the phone and in action immediately.
There are a number of factors in play here, however, that can't, nor shouldn't be overlooked. We have been treated in an offensive, and, quite frankly, belittling way. What the people here may not be aware of, however, is that it is all too common, and all to typical in areas where the needs of some run contrary to the needs of more (ie test scores)
posted by Tbee on 6/25/11 @ 11:48 a.m.
To continue, what happened here began with a breakdown in communication between our neighbors, PUSD staff, and ourselves. I understand that. We have been here twenty years, and some of the people who have an axe to grind with us have had it for some time. I can live with that. Where I have the most difficulty here is that people assume that MJ and I have been passive, absent, and a destructive force in all of this. To the contrary, we have been very active in a number of things, and for years have been behind the scenes placing phone calls, writing emails, and sending letters to staff all over PUSD.
If you are local, these things we set in motion. There is an anti-bullying program at the middle school because we, without any support from a single member of the community, asked for it instead of demanding the expulsion of three boys who bullied our daughter. The new wing for the preschoolers? Well, MJ and I personally wrote letters to the state of California, the principal, and to two government offices, as well as PUSD to ask why the children were in a bungalow, with a playground of asphalt, and a retaining wall holding a few tons of dirt behind it were considered safe. Keep in mind, we stayed on it long after our child was out of the program.
Now, understood, other members of the community were/are rallying behind a deserving and important arts program, but it's easy to stand shoulder to shoulder for that. It's quite another to leave oneself vulnerable to ridicule (here come the difficult parents again, demanding everything under the sun). We have done our part here, and it has placed us in a very awkward standing when we insist, yes, I said insist, on equity for our children.
posted by Tbee on 6/25/11 @ 12:05 p.m.
i apologize for the clan and nazi talk but when individuals speak and write with hate,disgust and prejudice against different types of people it is a knee jerk reaction !
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 12:18 p.m.
oops i meant klan!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 12:23 p.m.
Truth is, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are more and more prevalent than ever before. We have been touched by this in a significant, and personal way. We have been assertive, sometimes perceived as pushy, for more that twenty five years in this field. I still flinch when I hear terms such as "cure autism" because I have seen what the cures for fragile x, down syndrome, and cp are. It starts with an offer of abortion. Direct experience.
MJ and I were very active in asking for support. We called all the right people, offered to present workshops, offered to volunteer in class...... all of it. Sometimes our donation of time was accepted, more often it was turned down. That's cool, I get it. Some teachers prefer to work solo, while others want the support, but are intimidated by two Master's level special educators in the classroom. This year, no exception. I was given a clear message of "I can handle it" and I did just that. Out of RESPECT.
I felt something was wrong when people I have known for years turned their backs on me mid sentence in the presence of other parents, while others, usually, but not always male, would glare at me outright. I didn't get it. I thought it was my miscuing.
I was surprised when I learned of all of the things people alleged my child had done, because, quite honestly, I had no idea. What I have found, in retrospect, is that there was a network of gossip that began with children and their parents, that discussions went back and forth, and that incidents of hearsay were accepted as truth, while other incidents were taken out of context outright, incidents involving other children were redirected to mine, and that even the most innocent of actions were misinterpreted as acts of aggression.
Now, where I come from, that is gossip, and gossip, when it is used to harm another person, for whatever motive, is a passive aggressive act of bullying.
posted by Tbee on 6/25/11 @ 12:27 p.m.
Unfortunately, I am working this weekend. But during small breaks, I'm sitting here looking at pictures of my children and thinking about your situation. It pains me to think of a child, young and innocent with an issue that is beyond their own control, being placed in such a situation. How difficult and confusing it must be for the child, and it must be very tough on you and your family.
I do hope that through all this effort, a solution is reached that gets your child, and others in the future, the appropriate environment and personnel to help him thrive and be happy.
posted by True Freedom on 6/25/11 @ 12:32 p.m.
I have heard and read some troubling posts here. I personally have no problem, at all, saying that the poster with the potty hang up needs some redirection. If we were judged on our sh*t we'd all stink and none of us would get an education. There are employees that can take care of those incidents, where, for whatever reason, a person needs personal needs assistance. In a district the size of PUSD it can be assumed that the team who handle that are available. It could be a health aide, or medical trainee- but the position is one that is covered.
If the poster has a concern, specific, in that arena, I have no problem telling them how to put people in place to make sure that is covered. Email to principal, teacher, nurse, head of special Ed. Follow up with a phone call.
What I find troubling though, is the assumption that a person who cannot control their bowels has somehow lost their value as a human being for it, and that the solution is to send them away. I also find it troubling that this solution is somehow acceptable. Where do we draw the line, then? Should we institutionalize a kid that vomits? How about the children with AIDS? How about the children with cancer? Don't these children have value, too? Aren't they entitled to our compassion, understanding, and patience, too?
posted by Tbee on 6/25/11 @ 12:43 p.m.
Thank you true freedom. You're understanding and objectivity are appreciated.
posted by Tbee on 6/25/11 @ 12:46 p.m.
In any event, this has been difficult for us. To pusdpa, apologies if I miscued. I am reading and writing from a screen the size of a deck of cards sometimes.
At PUSD dad. If there are specific incidents that you want to share, and you're willing to put your name on them, I believe there is a discussion. If not, then I am left to guess whether I am dealing with a troll, or a bitter teacher, or a horse trainer, or maybe city attorney, or a musician, artist, or maybe even a peace officer.
In any event, I stand by my assertions, assertions I have made to PUSD administrators, superintendent, teachers, community members, and to the Ca Department of Education. It is this:
In the 25 days that my son attended his home school, I found that there was a group of parent community members who met, discussed, and pressured my family to remove our son from school; that we did so to protect him from these forces; that PUSD employees had full knowledge of these activities; and that it easier for them to excuse it and cover it up than it was to mend it.
I further assert that, contrary to any laws or local municipalities belief system, that smes is NOT a safe school, that people have, and did, and do, continue to enter campus from more than 5 entryways, that this is done unchecked, and that all the promises made in the world that parents are required to sign in on nothing more than the honor system is terrifying to me as a parent.
I make these assertions because a group of parents pissed all over my child's right to an education, and that is how it came to my knowledge of just how unsafe the campus security is. I make the assertions based on the fact that these meetings took place, supposedly unknown to ANY PUSD staff, and that these meetings took place on campus, and most importantly, that this could not have happened if the school was truly safe.
because, currently, I have yet to find a school in PUSD, and all of the six neighboring communities that have so many security flaws, and so many random, wandering "parents" on it.
When that fence goes up around smes, and it will, remember what you did to my boy every time you see it.
posted by Tbee on 6/25/11 @ 01:11 p.m.
It is near midnight in Albi, and I need to go to work.
To our friends and supporters, thank you. Try to make sure this doesn't happen to your community, and remember that we are the agents of change.
Thank you for being awesome.
posted by Tbee on 6/25/11 @ 01:39 p.m.
Tbee: You obviously know more of the details here. I have empathy for your situation. My posts were based solely on what I read in the article. What stood out to me was that you and your wife seemed unaware of your child's "unruly behavior", the reaction to it by the other parents, and their lack of awareness of its causes. Certainly a heart attack explains some of this, but it seems that you should have at least given the other parents notice of your child's condition and more closely monitored his behavior. Poorly behaved children can poison an entire classroom. I agree with inclusion, but those with special needs kids need to be more involved than it sounds like you and your wife were. At my children's school, the parents know who the problems are, but when it becomes too much for them, the usual reaction is to leave the school instead of confronting the problem. That should not be the standard recouse. It sounds like the smes parents may have reacted too strongly, but your lack of involvement made it possible and likely more necessary. If their kids can't learn because of yours, and you aren't around at least to explain why, how should they react?
posted by pusddad on 6/25/11 @ 02:08 p.m.
It is not the responsibility of the parents of the child with special needs to educate the parents, the teachers, and the students about their child's disability. Still, that is something that we, as specialists, and educators, have tried to do for years.
Our experience at SME? No one, including teachers, wants to hear about what a couple of parents (no matter what their level of experience in education) want to share. This year, we were told by the teacher, the inclusion specialist, the occupational therapist, etc. that they had it covered. In SME-speak, BUTT OUT.
Ultimately, it is the role of the school, especially one that calls itself an "inclusive school", to provide a curriculum that covers diverse learning needs.
After the situation unraveled in October, Dr. Surfas from TOTAL programs tried to begin a program of disability awareness following the Christmas program. The auditorium was packed with people, until he started his talk- then, there were maybe 15 people. That's how important it is for some people to learn about diverse abilities, and disabilities.
Re: Our "lack of involvement"?
I was at the school every single day (of the whopping 25 days he attended) to pick my son up.
I saw the teacher, I saw the parents. Not a single person told me there was an issue- NO ONE.
I made phone calls, daily emails, requests to set up meetings, etc. I'm sure that the school would not call my interactions a "lack of involvement", by any means.
Not a single staff member told me there was a problem, let alone a significant problem, even when I point blank told them they were not providing him the absolutely necessary services/supports, and that his stress about going to school started the night before.
When I finally had the opportunity to volunteer in the class (5 days before his last day).......I arrived to find my son was MISSING.
I finally was told that he was not allowed back into his wasn't, he wasn't on in-house he wasn't in time out- in other words......he was DENIED EQUAL ACCESS to his education.

Without prior notice, nor any planning, he just couldn't go back into his classroom- for the rest of the day. He had a sensory overload at an assembly 3 hours before, and that instituted a complete change in his program without telling us a thing.....and which has been par for the course. When I found him in isolation, he was perfectly calm- no sign of "unruliness". Interestingly, this was one of the first days that parents were volunteering in the classroom.
When you speak of "poison" in a classroom, ignorance and discrimination come to my mind. "Poor behavior" is something much easier to remedy through positive, research based behavioral interventions. This should be fairly simple for a seasoned educator- if it's something they want to do.....beyond "nipping it in the bud".
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/25/11 @ 03:00 p.m.
tbee i will apologize in advance for my next 2 words directed at pusddad.......2 words heil hit--r!!!!!
obviously pusdad you are not comprehending what tbee has written or your last statement would not have been posted!!! as you stated "you must have not been aware of your childs unruly behavior" !!! let me give it to you straight PUSD AND TEACHERS ALL SAID EVERYTHING WAS FINE WITH THE CHILD SO THEY DIDNT FOLLOW THE IEP THAT WAS SET UP FOR HIM THEY BROKE THE LAW IN MY EYES!!! but as i know his parents both 2 highly intelligent and giving people and not to mention fighters for the underdog and underprivileged and children with disabilitys. TRIED NUMEROUS TIME TO ENFORCE AN IEP BEHAVIOR PLAN AT THE VERY BEGINNING . this plan was how one should deal with a child with special needs the brandenburgs kept saying please follow the iep in order to work with this child!!! they couldnt help the actions of the non compliant pusd staff!!! IF THE PLAN WAS FOLLOWED THERE WOULD BE NO ISSUE OF INFORMING THE OTHER PARENTS (you and the rest of the bullys) SO WHY DONT YOU AND YOUR MOB PUT THE BLAME WERE IT REALLY LIES ON PUSD AND THE IGNORANT GROUP OF VIGILANTES THAT MADE FALSE REPORTS!!! and speaking of poorly behaved child pusddad i wonder if one of those inappropriate children in the classroom was yours if so you should teach him some boundary lessons !!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 03:04 p.m.
You have an autistic child and don't check up on his progress any more than picking him up from school?
posted by pusddad on 6/25/11 @ 03:06 p.m.
pusddad are you fu----- idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you not read her last post on how much they did to "check up on his progress" all 25 days of his school year!!!! i think you better go back to the beginning and i mean beginning GRADE SCHOOL and learn reading and comprehension!! because you are not comprehending a single word these people are saying !!!! there are no more aware parents and involved with their children than these 2 !!!! now pusddad i think i hear your school bell ringing please go get that education you desperately need!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 03:19 p.m.
H. H.
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 03:21 p.m.
And that, pusddad, shows your complete, and utter ignorance. Empathy? Come on.........
Maybe I should have positioned myself outside the classroom with a notepad, as I saw some of the vigilantes did.

Maybe I should have entered the campus unannounced and spied through the windows?
Maybe while volunteering, I could have collected "information" and then gossiped to others about it?
Do you really think that parents of special needs kids are required to attend school with their child daily? Is that the only way that they are supposed to be kept informed? Do they not have the same protections and access to information regarding their child as other parents?
Following the parent based bullying/harassment against my child, I walked my son to school daily, stayed with him for his hour of isolated instruction, and walked him home. At home is where is did most of his learning.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/25/11 @ 03:22 p.m.
minnie mouse your the best!!!!!! that pusddad is a real jacka--!!! i bet he is the leader of that sierra madre bully team!!! not sure if he could be the leader because his intelligence is lacking but maybe he can since all in his gang bullys are a bunch of toothless hillbillies!!!
posted by beauteous lady on 6/25/11 @ 04:02 p.m.
gang of
posted by beauteous lady on 6/25/11 @ 04:04 p.m.
thank you beauteous lady!!! i call it like i see it ignorance in this case is not bliss !!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 04:07 p.m.
how involved were you in the first 25 days? if you were actively involved, why were the other parents ignorant of your child's autism?
posted by pusddad on 6/25/11 @ 04:28 p.m.
omg are you for real pusdad cant you read??? did you not read her last statement it states it loud and clear how involved they were from the very beginning trying to enforce a plan!!! since when does a parent have to tell other parents of their childs autism ???? do they need to report to you about when the next bm will be? im starting to wonder because you just cant be this stupid and not comprehend their posts if this isnt some kind of tactic on your part are you trying to goad these people!!! i wonder if soooo give up their intelligence far surpasses yours!!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 04:40 p.m.
here is an earlier post that states how involved they were they tried to enforce iep plan prior to the 25 days of actual school so there!!!!obviously pusdad you are not comprehending what tbee has written or your last statement would not have been posted!!! as you stated "you must have not been aware of your childs unruly behavior" !!! let me give it to you straight PUSD AND TEACHERS ALL SAID EVERYTHING WAS FINE WITH THE CHILD SO THEY DIDNT FOLLOW THE IEP THAT WAS SET UP FOR HIM THEY BROKE THE LAW IN MY EYES!!! but as i know his parents both 2 highly intelligent and giving people and not to mention fighters for the underdog and underprivileged and children with disabilitys. TRIED NUMEROUS TIME TO ENFORCE AN IEP BEHAVIOR PLAN AT THE VERY BEGINNING . this plan was how one should deal with a child with special needs the brandenburgs kept saying please follow the iep in order to work with this child!!! they couldnt help the actions of the non compliant pusd staff!!! IF THE PLAN WAS FOLLOWED THERE WOULD BE NO ISSUE OF INFORMING THE OTHER PARENTS (you and the rest of the bullys) SO WHY DONT YOU AND YOUR MOB PUT THE BLAME WERE IT REALLY LIES ON PUSD AND THE IGNORANT GROUP OF VIGILANTES THAT MADE FALSE REPORTS!!! and speaking of poorly behaved child pusddad i wonder if one of those inappropriate children in the classroom was yours if so you should teach him some boundary lessons !!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 04:45 p.m.
What did you later learn were the allegations made about your son's behavior that occurred during those 25 days beside the assembly sensory overload? You must know the specific incidents by now, assuming you knew nothing of them then. Share them so that we may make educated judgements on how trhe situation was handled.
posted by pusddad on 6/25/11 @ 05:27 p.m.
Maybe he should have gone to school with a big letter A on his shirt???
The parents were well aware that he had special needs, they went straight to the director of special ed with their complaints.
But you knew that, now don't you?
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/25/11 @ 05:29 p.m.
i think we all know that pusddad is one of those bully parents from your childs classroom!!! i would love to meet this coward i bet i could spot him a mile away hiding in the bushes with his wife i bet another note taking bully!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 05:48 p.m.
yes minnie mouse ! This Pusddad seems to be a part of this bully group of parents. This is so scary what warped minds these people have in that town it seems like a throwback to the 1960's in the deep south waving their confederate flags and going after defenseless people with ropes and stones in hand!!!
posted by beauteous lady on 6/25/11 @ 05:53 p.m.
Please share with us what others said your son did during those 25 days that warranted such an unjust reaction.
posted by pusddad on 6/25/11 @ 06:17 p.m.
Thank you for your input, PUSD dad. I again ask for full disclosure if you expect one from me. I live in the purple house, you know which one, and I will be home at the end of July. I am inviting you over, which is more than you have offered me.
posted by Tbee on 6/25/11 @ 06:32 p.m.
Bring an open mind, and an open heart. I offer the same.
posted by Tbee on 6/25/11 @ 06:34 p.m.
posted by Tbee on 6/25/11 @ 06:37 p.m.
You are the ones who have made this a public issue. If you wish to your cause to be respected, you must provide specific answers to the clearly relevant questions of those you wish to convince, instead of attacking the questioner.
posted by pusddad on 6/25/11 @ 07:53 p.m.
hey pusddad lol!!! why dont ask the school the specifics . why are you asking for confidential information from these parents??? to make up some more of your false stories to further your vigilante agenda !!!!!!! how stupid do you think they are ?? dumb as you? i think not your barking up the wrong tree!!! you sound like an investigator posing as concerned citizen whats your gig DAD . no specifics are needed because what happened to this boy being in a district wide flawed program is a symptom of this systemic failure!!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 08:37 p.m.
omg!!!!pusddad they made it a public issue to help their child and in the process help other child so pusd will have to fix their thinking and their program dealing with such children as theirs WTF is wrong with you????? SHAME ON YOU!!!! the best part of this is mr brandenburg is a well known musician with a worldwide fan base and now sierra madres dirty little secret is out try to hide now!!!! he sacrificed his anonymity for this to bring to light what happened to his son and others!!! and many eyes from all over the world are now watching this situation !!!!!!!!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 08:49 p.m.
did your kid sit next to his during those 25 days?
posted by pusddad on 6/25/11 @ 09:06 p.m.
LOL!!!!!! no did yours????????????????????????????????
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 09:12 p.m.
i wonder if your child was just the most perfect little angel !!!!lol
posted by minnie mouse on 6/25/11 @ 09:20 p.m.
just for the record, I find it a little offensive the continual stereotypes of southern people thrown about in this thread. I'm from the south, own a pair of sh*tkickers and drive a truck. I'm also in an interracial marriage and have a PhD from Stanford.
Please keep your derogatory stereotypes to yourself, unless your desire is to lower yourself to the level of those you hope to insult.
posted by True Freedom on 6/25/11 @ 10:42 p.m.
Diversity makes the world go around . But i hope it doesnt bring me to the fictional Cahulawassee river!
posted by beauteous lady on 6/25/11 @ 11:18 p.m.
I support the Brandenburg family, they are amazing and have a wonderful family. I really can't understand why the school is so rude, evil and insensitive with children.
Working with children is a vocation, is giving them love if they don't do this they should change job or go to jail
posted by Suzysecret on 6/26/11 @ 05:53 a.m.
@pusdad. No, this was made public by the parents who chose to meet on campus and in the park to discuss it. I simply opened the forum to a wider audience. The difference between my actions, and the actions of this group of concerned parents rests in their choice to do this to a child. I am calling out a group of adults. They violated the confidentiality of a minor, I am spotlighting the actions of adults. Big difference.
You seem to have a great deal of interest in this for an unbiased outsider. Why? Are my actions interfering with pef or some other advocacy group you belong to? What is your interest here? If you have none, why are you still here?
posted by Tbee on 6/26/11 @ 07:16 a.m.
@docfreedom. Point taken. While I saw no mention of the south anywhere in this thread, I am on the same page as you in regards to the stereotyping of white, or any other, poverty.
For what its worth, mm, I also have a truck, and broken teeth.
posted by Tbee on 6/26/11 @ 07:27 a.m.
But, one thing mm is correct about is that there are people all over the country and the world very interested in our story. Statements made by concerned anonymous posters have only demonstrated what I said in the first place.
I have been patient, and more than fair. I have offered the other cheek. But, I will never let this go until the type of climate that allowed it to fester is adjusted.
posted by Tbee on 6/26/11 @ 07:45 a.m.
And most importantly, my children are getting a close up view of the system of justice, of equity and failure, and a close up view of bullying and harassment that no child should ever have to witness. They are learning, first hand, that the hatred of one generation is passed on to the next, and that children can easily choose that same route, or stand up for what is right.
Yes, they have a much clearer understanding of ruby bridges, clearer than their peers, I promise you that.
posted by Tbee on 6/26/11 @ 07:52 a.m.
I dont think it was minnie mouse that made reference to a truck or the south or a Ya Whoo waving the confederate flag!! twas I, sorry i have deliverance on the brain and those dueling banjos. actually i love the south .
I think minnie mouse was the one who was making references towards pusddad being adolf like and klanish. And i can see why she came up with those analogies ,adolf , klan and pusddad. Like the old sayig say's if the shoe fits!
Gotta go i have a big decision to make between chanel, balanciaga, louis vuitton , YSL, Fendi and Prada, now thats what i call d i v e r s i t y !
posted by beauteous lady on 6/26/11 @ 08:55 a.m.
Tbee: I am just trying to understand this whole issue surrounding your son. The facts as you relate them seem hard to believe. Does smes consistently run out children merely because they are different as is suggested, or is there something else? There is a difference between a high functioning autistic child and one who simply is not suitable for a regular classroom setting.
posted by pusddad on 6/26/11 @ 10:05 a.m.
I support the Brandenburg family and their efforts. Time for enlightenment.
posted by tikimark on 6/26/11 @ 10:31 a.m.
high functioning A S P I E!!! einstein was one andy warhol, bill gates, isaac newton, mark twain, mozart. bob dylan, thomas jefferson, and henry ford and what would this world be with out them? so continue your campaign to eject this child from school because his chances for greatness is vast but with people like you and the rest of the mob who cant deal with a child with disabilities his chances become low. thank God he has parents that will fight for his rights!! and thank God for people like m. l. k., harvey milk , chavez and the many others that fought for the rights of others!!!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/26/11 @ 10:50 a.m.
think about this the child went to that school how many years? how could the district not have know what was going on in those 25 day let alone all the years he attended that school. then think about this maybe the district ignored both childs parents as well as the school parents and were negligent in addressing anything and just want it to disappear by forcing this child out of public schools!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/26/11 @ 11:06 a.m.
I have read many posts over the last year or so where the posters criticized the pusd for actively seeking out children with disabilities because the district receives extra money for disabled kids. Now this.
posted by pusddad on 6/26/11 @ 11:44 a.m.
in some cases im sure the district gets money for children with disabilities but in certain situations they ( the district)will have to shell out money for some ,say for instance special equipment or aide that a child may need .
posted by minnie mouse on 6/26/11 @ 12:10 p.m.
Are you referring to the "Child Find" provision of IDEA?
Or, are you referring to maybe deliberate indifference on the part of the district........or..... possibly the notion of educational malpractice?
Keep in mind, it's less expensive to educate a child in a non-public setting where everything is self-contained- BUT, it does not adhere to the requirement that to the maximum extent appropriate......all children be educated in the least restrictive environment (eg. regular education) with access to their typical peers.
By law, the appropriate educational supports a child with special needs in a public school, including in a general education classroom, must be provided- or, obviously, failure is bound to happen.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/26/11 @ 12:22 p.m.
I guess the issue is the definition of "maximum extent appropriate". Yours may be different than others'.
posted by pusddad on 6/26/11 @ 12:50 p.m.
My definition of Least Restrictive Environment goes right in line with the Federal Law, including the necessity for appropriate provision of supports.
The consensus of an uneducated microcosm within a small community does not dictate appropriate educational placement for anyone, but in this situation, especially not for my own child.
Parents of children with disabilities are guaranteed to be equal partners in the educational decision making process, according to the law.
Public opinion should have no place in this process, but apparently, in the case of my son, it somehow did.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/26/11 @ 01:15 p.m.
My children are all exceptional thinkers. My youngest is as well. He is a wonderful child, but he does require maintenance and understanding.
A PUSD psychologist blamed his "disability" on my wife for having him at the age of forty, and blamed us for his actions because, in his words, we are too old to be effective parents.
If that was what they told me, I can only imagine what they led the peer families to believe.
posted by Tbee on 6/26/11 @ 02:23 p.m.
Why did you not educate your fellow school parents to this extent when your child was a aprt of their lives?
posted by pusddad on 6/26/11 @ 03:27 p.m.
posted by pusddad on 6/26/11 @ 03:28 p.m.
ahhhhhhhhhhh pusddad i really dont think that it is their job to inform or educate fellow parents!!!!!!!!!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/26/11 @ 04:08 p.m.
According to your way of thinking do you think these parents need to inform the other parents how often they take a bm (omg should like this statement)?
posted by beauteous lady on 6/26/11 @ 04:17 p.m.
Its very obvious that you are trying to bate these people. You keep on repeating the same questions even after they are answered!
posted by beauteous lady on 6/26/11 @ 04:49 p.m.
I asume the answer is that the other parents were not informed of the Brandeburg child's condition before he was unleashed upon their children. Common curteously at a minimum would dictate that his parents would do so.
posted by pusddad on 6/26/11 @ 07:32 p.m.
puss dad.......your ignorance never ceases to astound me.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/26/11 @ 08:48 p.m.
oopsy......typo lol.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/26/11 @ 08:49 p.m.
It took me awhile, but I figured out your gig......trolling is your game.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/26/11 @ 08:52 p.m.
But you used a child as the "bait"...... and that "dad", is a cut below even what those misinformed parents did.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/26/11 @ 08:55 p.m.
LOL PUSSDAD!!!! im going to unleash a big flatulent on you !!! you like to stir up sh--! you are obviously one lonely fire breathing redneck!!!
posted by beauteous lady on 6/26/11 @ 08:57 p.m.
I fully support and commend the Brandenburg’s courageous efforts on behalf of not only their son, but all special needs kids in our public education system. I oppose bigotry and exclusion no matter what form it takes, but when it’s this blatant, this callous, and directed at a child, I get downright indignant.
I expect our public schools to prepare children for the imperfect world in which we live, and hopefully in the process the students come to understand that even though we may not all look, act, or speak the same, we all, each one of us, have value. I do not want our perceived “problems” bussed off and hidden. Far more important than what I personally expect, however, is what federal and state laws demand from those charged with implementing public K-12 education and as all concerned in this matter are surely aware, students like Mr. and Mrs. Brandenburg’s son are offered greater protection under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) with the goal of keeping them in school and assimilated, as this is the proven path for best to outcomes. It seems, however, like PUSD is still arguing that separate is equal?
In the absence of a school board and administration's willingness to enforce these mandates, as a last resort the courts have acted and dished out unpleasant remedies. If other parents were involved they too could be found financially liable for damages. That's right PUSD, not just the pretty girls get to go to dances, and not just trouble free students get to go to class! That's the social and legal contract in which publicly funded schools operate, and they do so because in the absence of leadership and courage, group think, bigotry and fear, far too often are the order of the day. When parents and school administrators plot to have a child removed from a school It can legally be referred to as “conspiracy”, but what it really is, is an assault on a family. The treatment received by the Brandenburg’s child is not that different than the bigoted exclusion Ryan White 25 years ago. Like today, those who were charged with the duty of having the child’s best interest at heart did not possess the mettle to step up and do the right thing. Something like 50 teachers from Ryan White’s school signed a petition saying that they would refuse to teach Ryan if he was allowed to return from school. I wonder how many of them are proud of that bit of stupidity today?
posted by Baxter's Nurse on 6/26/11 @ 09:30 p.m.
….. Continued
In the wake of this Pasadena pitch fork wielding mob of PUSH Dad's and Mommies, and their full fledgedd PUSD accomplices, stands a young man who is made more keenly aware every day that he is an outsider and not welcome. Close by his side are his parents, who now must occasionally find themselves navigating a line between hurt and anger as they live with the knowledge that the same institution to which they have dedicated so much of their lives, has turned its collective back one of their own children
My hope is that the PUSD leadership take time to reflect on what got them to the point where devaluing a child seemed like the BEST option. Perhaps with a clean reflective wind at their back they will admit that it was in fact the most convenient option, and not the best. I also hope that they face up to their mistake and have the courage to reverse this injustice.
And now a Message to “OMG”: Not many of us will get to leave this planet wearing clean drawers, so stop being so cocky. There is a fair chance that even your last breath will be taken all alone, while you are franticly pressing a buzzer from your hospice bed, hoping that just this once the Incontinence Nurse who regularly changes you out from your own filth, will remember your name.
posted by Baxter's Nurse on 6/26/11 @ 09:32 p.m.
posted by minnie mouse on 6/26/11 @ 09:45 p.m.
Pusddad. The people you are baiting, and you are baiting, are family and friends of my child. The posts and refers you are ignoring? Those people are, too. They are musicians, artists, educators, lawyers, ad executives, counselors, therapists, and publicists.
Please keep treating us this way. You are supporting the point we've made. We have been dealing with this discrimination from PUSD for ten years now.
Elizabeth Blanco, Coordinator of Special Education, asked me if I was willing to sacrifice my child in order to defend his rights. That's right. I wrote that. Do you think I would put it in print if it was a lie? She also told me to take my child out of school if I didn't like what was going on, which I did, and then it was used against us as something called a unilateral placement. Dr. Blanco further suggested I move my family out of Sierra Madre altogether.
Now, I am far from home, but the board of Ed (haven't you noticed I always capitalize that name yet?) have only heard from a couple hundred of our supporters while I've been gone. If it becomes necessary to hold fundraisers, they'll understand. Fundraising requires a great deal of work. It involves publicists, advertising, and high profile concerts.
Keep baiting these people, dad.
posted by Tbee on 6/26/11 @ 11:09 p.m.
We kept this local, but if you think I've gone"public" with it, my anonymous, trolling baiter, you have no idea what public truly entails.
posted by Tbee on 6/26/11 @ 11:46 p.m.
To the people who drop in with support, I salute you through bitter, bitter tears. Thank you.
posted by Tbee on 6/27/11 @ 12:01 a.m.
I fully support the efforts of the Brandenbergs on behalf of their own child and on behalf of all children denied their basic rights to an education free of bigotry and discrimination.
The actions of vindictive adults and a grossly out-of-touch school district in bullying and ostracizing a child - is, at best, shameful.
It sickens me actually.
In solidarity,
Doug (From Vancouver Canada!)
posted by snakelake on 6/27/11 @ 01:13 a.m.
Tbee: I am just trying to understand this whole issue surrounding your son. The facts as you relate them seem hard to believe. Does smes consistently run out children merely because they are different as is suggested, or is there something else? There is a difference between a high functioning autistic child and one who simply is not suitable for a regular classroom setting. (Pusddad)
The programs available at smes are k/1 and 6/8. Nothing for grades 3-5 but full inclusion setting with supports. 
I don't believe there is such a thing as a child unsuitable for a regular classroom setting. I do believe there are settings unsuitable for children however, and that is why I advocate for supports for all children who require them.
The burden of proving the need for the supports that we didn't receive for our children fell on us. The cost? From my paycheck. Parents who go toe to toe with school districts are lucky to get half of their money back. This has set us back thousands of dollars. That is what is called a free and appropriate public education.
I do not differentiate between autistic spectrum disorders, and I support all children on the spectrum, regardless of the intensity that autism affects their behavior. We are one, and terms like high/low make me flinch. Those terms indicate a value system that I find offensive. They are bull$h*t terms that education systems loosely throw out there to keep us divided and keep us pursuing singular familial issues, instead of universal issues.
Dr. Blanco is in a position to be an agent of change, to undo years of destructive PUSD practices, and apply Federal law districtwide. I do not envy the position she is in, because I have been on the receiving end of the worst aspect of it. However, I will not allow my child, myself, nor my family, to be portrayed as villains, nor will I remain silent so that it can be done to another family.
I want to believe that you are sincere, well meaning, and want to learn more, but I have to share that I was aware of your posts long before this thread. I will also be the first to admit to being extremely suspicious of the motives of others who phish information. 
posted by Tbee on 6/27/11 @ 01:52 a.m.
"I asume the answer is that the other parents were not informed of the Brandeburg child's condition before he was UNLEASHED upon their children. Common curteously at a minimum would dictate that his parents would do so."-PUSDDAD
Sorry Tbee, but that quote says it all. That is not a person trying to learn more, nor to be well-meaning, nor sincere.
PUSDDAD is no better than any other bully. Attacking and judging a family, and a little boy, who have already been abused enough, just for the sport of it- says something about him that I don't even need to put into words.
posted by merryanarchy on 6/27/11 @ 07:08 a.m.
I will be a sport (sorry to offend others but he has it coming).
Pusddad is a PUSSY cat, imbecile , ignorant toothless wonder, troll from the devils a--hole, smelly burning turd which can also apply to his breath . He needs a gag in his mouth and duck tape around his hand to prevent him from writing and talking trash and finally he is a predator trolling the web!
posted by beauteous lady on 6/27/11 @ 09:14 a.m.
Tony: One of its aspects that appealed to both my wife and I about Webster school is that the special needs kids were in the classroom with the other kids, and because of that, an extra adult was in the classroom as a special ed. aid. Not only do they help with the special needs kids, they also can keep an eye on the troublemakers when the teacher has his or her back turned. Is Webster available to your son? I know of other autistic kids that have done well there.
posted by pusd papa on 6/27/11 @ 11:05 a.m.
Mary: why not Webster?
posted by pusd papa on 6/27/11 @ 12:35 p.m.
@Beauteous Lady: what do you have against people missing teeth? I believe Tbee mentioned he's missing a few. And what about folks with rednecks?
Your juvenile rants and language are not helpful to anyone's cause and are not germane to adults trying to engage in internet dialogue/ debate. Your use of stereotyping words are no better than anyone else who uses stereotyping words against minorities, women, or people with disabilities.
posted by True Freedom on 6/27/11 @ 01:24 p.m.
I have seen TBees facebook postings on this and now alot more is clear to me about what is going on. This did not occur over 25 days. The boy had been in smes since pre-k, so he was in his fourth year at the school. His father described his son has having behavior problems and with accidents and play being misconstrued as acts of aggression due to sensory regulation. Parents volunteering to police the halls saw them, and documented them. The final straw was when he shut down an assembly in front of too many witnesses. Sounds like he was a well known for being prone to violence. Faced with this the district removed him, not out of ignorance or invidious discrimination, but because the boy constituted unreasonable risk to the safety of the other children. This is not a race, class or hiv thing. It is conduct related. At a certain point, societal protection must prevail no matter the underlying reason. Tony previously stated here that no child is unsuitable for a classroom setting. He has set the bar too low. The rights of the other students to a reasonably safe learning friendly environment should prevail.
On the subject of bullying, it seems to be an overused term these days. I saw no facts where the kids were bullying your son as the article states. By your own admission, he was the misunderstood aggressor. Parents who have had enough for three years and rising up, is not bullying. However, it seems a soon as an opinion contrary to your cause was made, it was greeted by Mary and her minions with charges of ignorance, intolerance, nazism, klanism and pefism. You suggest I am someone other than I represent myself to be, a parent pusd kids who has no connection whatsoever to smes.
posted by pusddad on 6/27/11 @ 06:18 p.m.
Thank you for the suggestion of Webster. I appreciate that you are offering positive, and productive input.
Apparently, the district has plans to develop some sort of program at Webster next year, maybe because of the success that has already been evidenced. It also sounds like the school environment at Webster may be more conducive in accepting different learning abilities.
Although you would think that a placement within the district would be the most appropriate alternative to placement at my son's homeschool, that option has not been offered. It boggles the mind, because it is specified in IDEA that there be available a continuum of least restrictive environments within the district.
My son has been "offered" a single, non-public placement option- no special day class, no half day program, no blended inclusion- nothing.
My husband and I assert this most restrictive option is not because my son is "out of control", but because it is much easier to remove a single child, than it is to remediate the hostile school environment that continues to exist, completely unchecked, at Sierra Madre Elementary School. We invited Mr. Diaz to walk through the school (in street clothes) with our son, to see exactly what exists in that school environment. We asked Mr. Diaz to establish school-wide crisis counseling to begin to remedy what happened this year.
Unfortunately, if the district were to acknowledge what happened, this could become a significantly bigger issue, so..... it's much easier to remove the Brandenburg "problem".
One of the reasons we brought this situation into the open was not to put ourselves, nor or child, up for ridicule, or judgement, but to bring to light what happens when there are some that believe they are better than others, by virtue of their neuro-typical brain wiring, SES, etc.
We also wanted to bring to light what is happening to scores of children with various disabilities, that are not accepted, nor valued by their community, and instead are shunned and ostracized.
But, it's absolutely critical that vigilantism, nor targeting, nor bullying, against a child, or anyone, is ever tolerated.
It's also imperative that mob based mentality, especially with the mis-informed, be recognized for what it is. When the mob is so desperate to prove their point, that they manufacture "evidence", and then go to the authorities with this "proof" to support their agenda, that gives the mob power to harm- and harm they did.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/27/11 @ 08:23 p.m.
Our family is not the only family that has faced discrimination in PUSD, or in Sierra Madre, but we are not afraid to call it what it is.
There will be more that will step forward, and people, like pusddad who make a game of baiting, belittling, and harassing others, will have to answer to more than Mary, and her "minions".
BTW "dad", to have minions, I would be placing myself above others- that, is something more easily ascribed to you, now isn't it?
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/27/11 @ 08:34 p.m.
pusdBULLYdad!! its me minnie minion
if you refer to me as a minion i dont follow anyone . i empathize with these people and their worthy cause. your ASSUMPTIONS are so far off its laughable!!! its a wonder that you can put 2 and 2 together! i am well aware that you do this kind of thing (goading innocent people) as sport by trolling the internet you must be really bored! i also think you are one of the bully parents that belong to that parent bully mob!! keep on hiding and goading people because it must bring joy to your lonely world!
posted by minnie mouse on 6/27/11 @ 08:49 p.m.
Part One:
I fully support the Brandenburg family in their efforts to have their child educated in the least restrictive environment. I have been through much of the same with my own child, though in another So Cal school district. In another high performing school and affluent neighborhood. If I hadn't gone through it myself, I might not find it fathomable either.
My son has epilepsy and some behaviors that could be seen to some as being on the autistic spectrum. Especially when he was heavily medicated for his seizures. He was subjected to bullying by his peers, and sadly by educators, and parents at the school and in our neighborhood. He was accused of being a sexual deviant (something he is not) his one and only friend in the neighborhood was told she shouldn't play with him because he might "do something to her." The gossip and innuendo were nearly constant. Teachers talked to parents and disclosed things they shouldn't. All while refusing to implement the simplest interventions and accommodations. Parents ran with this info and embellished it. I once called the resource specialist to discuss an upcoming meeting, and heard someone in the background refer my child as a "zombie."
posted by buliem on 6/28/11 @ 08:18 a.m.
Part two:
He was called "seizure boy" and "retarded" on the playground. He was taunted daily and when he complained to staff, he was told to ignore it. My son, who was struggling to just live, was now being subjected to abuse no one would suffer if they were in a wheelchair or had cancer. He was 10 years old! According to his Individual Health Plan he was to have access to water throughout the day, to combat a dangerous side effect of one of the four medications he was taking for his seizures. A sub refused to let him take a drink. Later she yelled at him to get his "big fat stupid head" off the keyboard in computer lab. He had dropped his pencil (his hands shake from medication) and was reaching for it, his medication also made him drool some. She later claimed it was a hygiene issue, and that she said no such thing. I have witnesses that can attest to the fact that she did indeed insult him. He is not stupid, though I suppose anyone would have trouble functioning on four mind numbing medications. The abuse continued into middle school, though thankfully my son's medical condition improved and he was able to function more normally. We also chose to send him to HS across town, away for the vipers that made his life so miserable.
This isn't the entire story, and I could write a book on all he has suffered at the hands of other children, parents and alleged educators. Did he have some issues? Most definitely. But most were related to anxiety, partly brought on by uncaring and downright mean adults. This happens in schools throughout our nation. It is happening to the Brandenburg family, and it needs to stop!
posted by buliem on 6/28/11 @ 08:22 a.m.
You sir, have an agenda.
You are either an employee of PUSD, or, completely misguided in your Pasadena Unified cheerleading, especially when vilifying a family, including a seven year old child with a disability.
Your insistence in continuing what a group of parents started in de-valuing a child, and his family, and then trying to coerce others to support you in your agenda
I have researched your posts, and if they're not antagonizing someone with your ridiculous "quests" for the "truth", you're advocating for a school district that has driven those that can afford to, into the private school arena.
The Special ed. program, which you is obviously a step away from PI, has become your new area of blind support.
Since you have made it your job to be judge, jury, and executioner of a family, but especially a child, based on your perceptions, I will do the same.
From your posts, PUSDDAD, this is what I have determined of you:
-You support parent vigilantism/parent policing of PUSD school campuses
-You support mob-based discriminatory acts, including falsifying reports to authorities, as long and they are in the "public interest"
-You not only support the parent acts of bullying, but you continue it in the cyber forum, including the gossip, against a family, and a child that has already suffered.
-You support replacing classified staff jobs with untrained parent volunteers
-You do not believe parents with children with special needs have a right to confidentiality, but must disclose everything
-Beyond this, you support parents in observing, taking "data", and disseminating confidential information and/or to gossip re: protected individuals, simply because the mob has judged them "unsuitable" for general education
-You advocate segregation of those that you, and other mob members determine "unfit" for society
As such a staunch supporter of the PUSD status quo, there are quite a few job openings in PUSD, have you thought of putting in an application?
Otherwise, you could make it your "duty" to push the civil rights movement right back into the dark ages.........
posted by john genzale on 6/28/11 @ 09:00 a.m.
this is not as complicated as some would like to make it. Children, including mine, have a right to a safe environment conducive to learning when they go to school. If one child proves himself to be a constant impediment to that, for whatever reason, I would be remiss in my duties as a parent to assert the interests of my child. In these days of budget cuts, I am glad that parents volunteer to monitor the common areas of the school. It is too bad that this child's inability to adapt socially is not his fault, but it rarely is with young kids.The bottom line, however, is that at some point the collective rights of the other kids outweigh his rights. It looks like this boy failed his three year try out to be educated with the other kids. Maybe after some time, he'll be allowed to reintegrate. i have nothing against his family. I have invited him to my child's school for next year, but if he injures him or her, that fact that its due to his faulty brain wiring will be of little consolation.
posted by pusd papa on 6/28/11 @ 10:18 a.m.
Untrained parent volunteers are taking away jobs that should be done by classified employees because.....
What did you say your name was again?
posted by Tbee on 6/28/11 @ 10:36 a.m.
Thank you john.
Bulliem, your story breaks my heart. Please hug your child for me.
Pusdad has dropped in to this discussion for some reason, and then trolled fb, too. Unfortunately, neither forum really gives a clear picture of what has happened,  but his conclusions are in line with the conclusions arrived at by the school community. If he doesn't live in Sierra Madre, he may as well.
 My son had attended the school for three years prior to the current school year. He was subjected to restraining, time outs in a bathroom, and a parent even grabbed him once and shook him. One parent told him that "Santa won't come to your house" in kindergarten. We were cool about it, instead of filing with CPS and ruining lives, we asked that the parents receive training. That was in 2007 and 2008. The training actually was instated in 2011, and that was done to only to discredit our complaint with Office of Civil Rights, and to show it had complied. 
PUSD has remedied a few things after October, 2010, and it was done in order to get OCR off of them. They are looking at the possibility of a serious case of educational malpractice, and it is high priority to discredit us before it can get to that point
posted by Tbee on 6/28/11 @ 11:08 a.m.
A police report was filed. It was called an incident report by all agencies. This statement, presented by two parents, indicated events and incidents that directly resulted in my child's suspension and program change. Using backward chaining and a calendar, we found more than eight inconsistencies, or outright fabrications within. Claims made by PUSD staff were also recorded, and we found at least four significant fabrications there, as well. PUSD dad wants us to spell out the statements, as if that will somehow validate the events. The events were circulated within the community long before we knew of most of them.
As a teacher, I personally know how to record an event. I know how how to go through a statement and draw facts from speculation, and witness statements from hearsay. Let me state outright that one of the parents should have known to do the same.
PUSD attorneys have worked very hard to distance the district from the actions of those parents, btw. That is very clearly stated in the OCR report, and in the article.
I assert that they knew at worst, or neglected to act at best.
posted by Tbee on 6/28/11 @ 11:13 a.m.
Pusdad, since this issue is not yours, please step out. You have absolutely no interest here.
posted by Tbee on 6/28/11 @ 11:14 a.m.
@Pusa papa
First off, it's not "faulty" brain wiring. A more acceptable term is that the brain wiring is different. My son was able to add and subtract double digit numbers in his head, before stepping through the doors of SME. He also was a carefree, happy, exuberant, and energetic child.
After stepping through the doors of SME, because his learning differences didn't match the "middle" that most tend to teach to- he was subjected to various "interventions"- that were not scientific, nor positive, nor researched based.
It's too easy to blame "defective" brain-wiring as the cause of why a child has difficulty adapting- it is often multi-factorial. This child, with significant sensory issues, including olfactory, was timed out in the bathroom (PreK). We are not the first parents to have confirmed this type of behavioral intervention used at SME. My son was also, without benefit of any sort of behavior plan, nor documentation of any sort, was repeatedly placed in 4 point physical restraints, rather than teaching him alternative modes of behavior/communication. He was pulled, yes, forcefully pulled out from under desks where he would go for solitude/sensory escape. He was dragged, like a sack of potatoes to the guidance room, where he was told he couldn't leave until he wrote standards (he couldn't write, and thought he would never be able to leave). That is just a sampling of the aversives.
My son also has a right to a safe environment that is conducive to learning and free of harmful, and aversive punishments. If general ed. students were systematically subjected to the types of "interventions" my son, and other children with disabilities have faced, there would be a public outcry. Apparently, "damaged" children don't have the same "interests" to be protected........
My son has not injured another child, as the SMPD, and the SME nurse will verify. You may choose to believe stories and gossip that have perpetuated from other misinformed people, that's your prerogative.
This child has NOT failed 3 years, PUSD, and SME has FAILED my son.
It is my duty as a parent, and also as a highly qualified educator, that situations such as this be brought to light.
AGAIN, SO THERE'S NO MISUNDERSTANDING-THE AGREED UPON IEP SUPPORTS AND SERVICES WERE NOT IMPLEMENTED TO SUPPORT HIS ACCESSING THE GENERAL EDUCATION CURRICULUM. It would be like demanding a visually impaired person read a text, then failing, and removing him to a segregated school when he didn't have the necessary tools.
Our family is not going anywhere. We will not seclude our son, he will be a part of society, like it or not. The days of isolating people with disabilities in institutions is long gone.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/28/11 @ 11:30 a.m.
Like I told you, let him keep talking. He is a glowing example of what we're dealing with.
posted by Tbee on 6/28/11 @ 11:55 a.m.
I fully support the Brandenburg family on their quest for justice. Justice for their Son and for children world wide.
"You have got to keep autistic children engaged with the world. You cannot let them tune out."- Temple Grandin
@ PUSDDAD... "Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods." - Albert Einstein
posted by ChristyMae on 6/28/11 @ 01:34 p.m.
the blind kids go to special schools for the blind until they obtain the necessary skills to integrate. Why not your son? Is that a good comparison? Does your son have to actually hurt someone before he is removed? How much will that cost the district with it being on such concrete notice of his aggressive violent tendencies?
posted by pusd papa on 6/28/11 @ 02:05 p.m.
Tbee: I think I do have an interest here. I was merely unaware of it until you brought it to my attention.
posted by pusd papa on 6/28/11 @ 02:21 p.m.
He hurt no one. Now you wish to slander and libel him ?
posted by Tbee on 6/28/11 @ 02:33 p.m.
I love how you cowards, just like the cowards who set this in motion, hide like vermin in your rat holes and piss on the carpet from there, anonymous, to all but yourselves. So confident, from your rat holes.
posted by Tbee on 6/28/11 @ 02:38 p.m.
what were the agreed upon iep supports and services that were not implemented to support his access to the general education?
posted by pusd papa on 6/28/11 @ 02:44 p.m.
What does it matter? I just received his report card for the year. Guess what? Without stepping foot in class......he was marked present for every day of school. So, the school was able to claim the funds, and that's all that matters, right pops?
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/28/11 @ 02:49 p.m.
And somehow, I think you may have morphed with PUSDDAD......magical, just like the falsification of records.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/28/11 @ 02:50 p.m.
You should hide, because in five years you'll be able to pretend that was someone else leaving those posts. That it was someone else's hate.
The beauty in your posts is that you somehow believe that you are immune from this happening to you, or someone in your extended family.
When it does, come ask me how I held my family together in the face of such blatant discrimination, and ask me for support and advice.
posted by Tbee on 6/28/11 @ 02:54 p.m.
Yes, where were they? Bingo, he finally gets it! It only took a week for him to figure out the deficit lay with his precious school district!
posted by Tbee on 6/28/11 @ 02:58 p.m.
You wrote on 6/23 at 2:23 pm " We don't know because the school never told us there was a problem." How do you explain this in light of what you more recently described about your son's history, even in the light in which you place it?
posted by pusd papa on 6/28/11 @ 03:19 p.m.
Disability is not inability. Open your mind, open your heart. Humans were put on this earth to help each other. Some of the posts on here are so saddening and disappointing to read. Your beautiful town is empty without a sense of community (come-unity).
posted by ChristyMae on 6/28/11 @ 03:51 p.m.
That is very touching and beautiful, but it is also true that individuals have duties to the community as a whole. It sounds like the Sierra Madre pusd community gave the Brandenburgs three years to prove their son was suitable to be in a regular school. When it became apparent to everyone except them that he was not, and they acted in their collective interests, they all of sudden have become intolerant, conspiratorial ignorant, bigoted villians.
posted by pusd papa on 6/28/11 @ 04:51 p.m.
I still love how the group mentality lulls the ignorance of people into the open for the world to see... my son had no violent tendencies what so ever until he was placed in his public school.
My son never did have a problem with the other kids. He was segregated from day one. First day of kindergarten was spent in the principles office. If i would have known then, what I know now.... I would have been better prepared to deal with an educational system that clearly is unprepared for dealing with the children it is there to educate.
Guess who my son showed violent tendencies toward? Wasn't any other student.... nope... it was his para-educator. Yup... the very persons who's sole responsibility was to tend to my sons special needs were so incapable of doing their job that they pushed my son into acting out to defend himself.
Guess what? As the school year closes... my son is barely now starting to show a reversal of the violent behavior patterns he developed while in his kindergarten class. He didn't learn that crap at home!
I don't expect anyone to raise my child for me. But I do expect the education system that I pay for, with MY property taxes, to provide a reasonable education that doesn't involve isolation, segregation, abuse, maltreatment, dietary poisoning... yes I said it... poisoning... neglect, inconsideration, bullying, rough handling, and what essentially turns out to be torture.
These are the very people who were entrusted to educate my son. One difference between us and The Bees... we looked into private schools and found we had no options BUT to have our son attend a public school that was not prepared to deal with my sons special talents and abilities.
My son is 7 years old. He has an IQ over 140. He is an incredible artist. A musician. An aquarists. Yes Aquarist. My son has a Salt water fish tank that he helps run. A task that most adults shy away from. My son can also tell you more about running farm than any adult you run into on a daily basis. The only thing WRONG with my son... is the SCHOOL he was forced to attend!
I sit here and smirk as each of this bullies come on here and spew forth their ignorance for the world to see. Having a different view is one thing mr puss dad... puss pappy... whatever you wish to call yourself. but when that view is nothing more than being an apologist for abusive behavior... a common trait with people who are incapable of free thinking. It is much easier to fall behind other people and throw rocks at an 8 year old kid.
posted by Baloney on 6/28/11 @ 05:13 p.m.
I completely and wholeheartedly support the Brandenburg family in their attempt to breathe some awareness and positive change into what appears to be a stagnant, out-dated and exclusionary district.
If I took the time to address each post above that made my blood boil and my heart hurt, I would have a headache and a 5000 word essay about the decline of human compassion. Instead I choose to focus on my support of the Brandenburgs rather than the people who make me lose faith in humanity.
One thing that we need to remember is that this is a CHILD. It's hard enough to be seven years old. The regular trials and tribulations of elementary school and identity development compounded with bullying from peers who dont understand your differences equal what might seem insurmountable to any child, let alone one with an autism spectrum disorder who has an even harder time understanding social anomalies like cruelty and discrimination. It breaks my heart to think of the lack of compassion that the Brandenburg's son received from the adults in the community that were supposed to support and protect him. As adults, it is our job to teach children that apathy and inactivity are as big a crime as discrimination itself. Those parents who choose to remain safely in their bubble with their perfect children and conflict free existence rather than stand up against the discrimination and bullying occurring under their noses are just as guilty as those parents who actively petitioned against this family. Turning your cheek to injustice only fuels its fire. The problem is, everyone will get burned. Even those who tried to remain uninvolved.
Unfortunately, this is an issue that people are not going to be able to turn their cheek against forever. The number of children displaying developmental characteristics that fall within the autism spectrum is growing exponentially. It is pioneers like the Brandenburgs who are going to elicit the kind of change and innovation and that is absolutely necessary to accomodate what will very likely become a norm - no longer an invisible minority.
I think its time to stop thinking of this as a political issue and remember how much this bicker and banter is hurting the children who are already having a rough enough time of it as it is.
I am grateful for people like the Brandenburgs who will subject themselves to this much judgment and ostracism in the hopes that things will change and other families will not have to endure this kind of ignorance and exclusion.
posted by NicSab on 6/28/11 @ 05:40 p.m.
Bravo Sierra Madre School, Bravo PUSD!!!! Bravo Parent "Monitors"!! Bravo Guidance Room (a much better use of funds than a library)!!Yay!! RahRah!!!!
Bravo for looking out for our collective interests!!
Collateral damage? Oh, that doesn't matter, he's just a DAMAGED, FAULTY, IMPEDIMENT that his parents UNLEASHED so that he could rain on our collective parade.
Shame on you little boy, we are going to wish you out into the corn field, or further, and if you're ever ready to reintegrate into society..............we'll be right there to beat you back down, because........well..... YAY PUSD!!!!
posted by pusdpussypapadad on 6/28/11 @ 06:37 p.m.
Looks like Mary and Tony are rallying the troops! How many of you are pusd parents? Spain? Canada? Your special ed. child was an angel until his first day in kindergarten and immediately became prone to violent tendencies on day one? Wow!
posted by pusddad on 6/28/11 @ 07:10 p.m.
Oh, hello my better half <3 <3 <3!!!
Let's think of some more mean and nasty things to say.........hmmmmm...........ratsafratsa!
Well, first, Yay PUSD!!! Bravo me! I really love let's first ask a brain teasing question:
TBee, why didn't you disclose all your confidential information on the first day of school? TBee, why is the school reporting your son present every day? TBee? Hello? Why is the school to collecting ADA when your devil child isn't even inflicting himself on the collective interests? Tbee? Is there some possible way that I can blame this on your uninvolved wife, or even better on your spawn?
posted by pusdpussypapadad on 6/28/11 @ 07:21 p.m.
@stepfordrenegade: I wouldn't worry too much about the name changing. It looks like he's "pusd papa" when at work and "pusd dad" when at home by the time stamps on his posts.
Heck, he's even tried to malign me by posting under my pseudonym.
Plus, I don't really think he's one of those folks that thinks he has a perfect child. I think, based on previous debates I've had with him elsewhere, that he thinks that bullying by kids and parents is simply normal behavior. He questions my judgment for refusing to send my kids to my local middle school after I've watched years of deviant behavior by these kids (open drug use, vandalism, violence, etc)... and after I've complained to the school and they just shrug saying, "kids will be kids!". I think he thinks that is all just normal behavior by kids and adults alike.
Plus, he drives a Chrysler 300...
posted by True Freedom on 6/28/11 @ 07:29 p.m.
TF: You agree with me on this.
posted by pusddad on 6/28/11 @ 07:49 p.m.
“The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.” -Monsieur C.
posted by ChristyMae on 6/28/11 @ 07:53 p.m.
Mary and Tony rallying the troops? Haha! There's this thing, it's called Free Will...
posted by ChristyMae on 6/28/11 @ 08:24 p.m.
"policies that impede the ability of the public to learn necessarily yield an uneducated society. " -True Freedom
posted by pusddad on 6/28/11 @ 08:26 p.m.
Fellow bullies? Minions? Unite?
posted by pusdpussypapadad on 6/28/11 @ 08:36 p.m.
You Sir, have done an outstanding job in proving that we do live in an uneducated society. Bravo.
posted by ChristyMae on 6/28/11 @ 08:58 p.m.
pusddad !!!
pusddad , pusdpapa and pusdpussypapadad are all the same neanderthal!
if i was pusddad i would run with my head between my balls ( in his case his va j j )because this board has your ignorant number and its about 130,000 yrs ago!!
posted by beauteous lady on 6/28/11 @ 09:32 p.m.
Pushdad = The B1 Bob of the Pasadena PTA. (song title?) Keep talking BOB eventually all who read this, will hate you as much as the people that actually know, you. And by "ALL" I mean all 12 members of the jury + alternates.
posted by Baxter's Nurse on 6/28/11 @ 11:18 p.m.
at what point, if ever, do the interests of the other children outweigh those of this boy? if as TB suggests, never, why should the other parents feel empathy for your side? Let's try to answer this without personal attacks and name calling. if you want to fight this in the courts, that's ultimately what the finder of fact will be called to decide. you can't expect to win by soley through name calling or claiming intellectual and moral superiority over those on the other side of the issue.
posted by pusddad on 6/29/11 @ 06:11 a.m.
Here's where the problem lies, pops:
The AUTISM AUDITS highlighted program DEFICITS (there were 2 conducted). These deficits run districtwide, they DIRECTLY impacted this child, as well as many others. Rather than addressing the district wide PROGRAM FAILURE, this child has become the scapegoat for the program deficits.
If you really want to learn about the district wide problems inherent in the special ed program, and where changes must, and are planned to occur, request the 2 audits that are available to the public, at request through special ed.
This child was DUMPED into a general ed program that was not prepared to receive him. There was NO TRANSITION plan, no preparation of the environment (including other students, staff, parents- who could have acted as natural supports), NO TIME to adjust (25 days, remember? He had documented SUCCESS the previous year), nor properly implement the positive BEHAVIOR SUPPORT PLAN (with SME staff that refused to), no ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY (computer devices/software/alternative output modes), and ONE inclusion specialist spread between 2 CAMPUSES......
I could go on and on, again and again. I just questin whether you'll ever really hear us, "dad". I wasn't sitting home drinking coffee all day, I sent daily emails (yes, a paper trail), made phone calls, to get my son the supports he needed. Again, I WAS TOLD EVERYTHING WAS FINE, I WAS NEVER TOLD THERE WAS A SIGNIFICANT PROBLEM, INCLUDING THE PARENT PROBLEM- until AFTER the fact. My question is, rather than gathering during school hours, on school grounds, to devise ways to extract my son, why didn't this "community" gather to demand that he be properly supported? Instead, their actions, based on FALSE POLICE REPORTS led to a child being SEGREGATED- he was DENIED ACCESS TO THE SCHOOL EATING AREA, forced to eat ALONE IN A HALLWAY, he was forced to do his work in a hallway, denied entrance to his class, PE, recess with his peers......where were his civil rights?
PUSD has been haphazardly putting out fires district wide, with key administrators jumping ship, diminishing funds......and has allowed our situation to fester since October.
My son has received report cards since the beginning of the year for instruction he DID NOT receive, my son was denied HIS education, the rest of the children received theirs. PUSDDAD, this may interest you directly, who benefitted from the ADA collected?
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/29/11 @ 07:12 a.m.
Empathy is the key cornerstone in genuine human relationships. Empathy is conscious. It means one with empathy feels compassion, while those without do not take into account other people's affect emotions.
posted by ChristyMae on 6/29/11 @ 07:51 a.m.
Pusddad, not one person or collective can convince or sway another to FEEL empathy. It can only be felt upon one's own accord.
posted by ChristyMae on 6/29/11 @ 08:37 a.m.
Truly..the ignorance shown here is astounding. The lack of empathy saddening, and the sense of entitlement disgusting. This is a PUBLIC SCHOOL! The Brandenburg child is a member of the PUBLIC! I see this as nothing more than parents who want the bubble of a private school education, without the hefty bill, and administrators who want to take the easy way out.
posted by buliem on 6/29/11 @ 08:48 a.m.
Cut and paste. It's a pretty interesting read...
posted by ChristyMae on 6/29/11 @ 09:08 a.m.
I have nswered most, if not all of this man's questions. He was confrontational, and used two pseudonyms from the gate. I was fair, if not slightly perturbed, by his arrogance, more than by his ignorance. Both are a shining example of the sort garbage I deal with daily.
My child is a spectacular little fellow. He is not defective, as this troll has described, nor does he need to earn the right to a public education. That is a Constitutional guarantee. He did not have three years to earn that right, it is guaranteed by my status, and his, as citizens of the United States.
His rights have been, and are, being denied by people in this community, Sierra Madre, by people, who, like pusddadpapa believe that their rights as citizens allow them to pass judgement, deny civil rights, sneak around, use false identities and information, and destroy the credibility of people like my son, myself, and the members of our extended community.
I have opened this up worldwide, because this phenomena is worldwide, and there are people who have an interest in not only autism, but also with my family.
I apologize to pusdpapadad if that somehow their voices aren't as critical because they don't live in pasadena, ca, but if he chooses to act like a jackass for the community, he is willing to do so in front of the world.
Sierra madre cowards, pusdpapadaddy, show your faces.
posted by Tbee on 6/29/11 @ 09:24 a.m.
@pusd dad: a few posts back, you attribute a quote to me.
Here's one for you:
"The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it is hard to verify their authenticity"
— Abraham Lincoln
posted by True Freedom on 6/29/11 @ 10:42 a.m.
Pussdad... who's child showed violent tendencies on the first day of school? I know I didn't that. If I did then I apologize for my error.
That said, you're sociopathic behaviors are really getting boring.
The Bees are not going to go away anytime soon. The harder you push them the harder they will push back. So give it up.
Be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Any questions you had were answered in full. It can only be assumed... that if you continue with this apologetic behavior... you must be doing anything you can to cover the image of this school district.
So the question of the day is.... drum roll....
Why is it that you spend so much time on this web site stirring the turd with anyone who will look your way?
Here is a list of ways to identify a sociopath. This list is from "Profile of a Sociopath." Is is a pretty good list of sociopathic indicators.
Glibness/superficial charm
Manipulative and conning
Grandiose sense of self
Pathological lying
Lack of remorse, shame or guilt
Shallow emotions
Incapacity for love
Need for stimulation
Callousness/lack of empathy
Poor behavioral controls/impulsive nature
Early behavior problems/juvenile delinquency
Promiscuous sexual behavior/infidelity
Lack of realistic life plan/parasitic lifestyle
Criminal or entrepreneurial versatility
Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
Conventional appearance
Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim's life
Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim's affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
Incapable of real human attachment to another
Unable to feel remorse or guilt
Narcissism, grandiosity (self-importance not based on achievements)
May state readily that their goal is to rule the world
(Obviously, in order to be a sociopath a person doesn't have to exhibit anything like all the above. Usually, the lack of a conscience, the manipulation of others, dishonesty and the inability to love and/or have lasting and profound personal relations and cruelty are key symptoms and often much more revealing than having been in trouble with the courts.)
posted by Baloney on 6/29/11 @ 10:47 a.m.
Tbee: go back and read the article. Then go back and read your initial responses to the inquiries. One could reasonably be left with the impression, like I was, that your son never caused any significant problems in school, and the entire relevant period was 25 days, and during that period he was the victim of repeated aggressive acts by other students, and that the parents and school bushwacked you and him with manufactured allegations simply because he was different. e.g." The school never told us there was a problem." " In the 25 days my son attended his home school."
If that were the case, I see why so many would jump in to support you.
But that wasn't the case, and it seemed too outrageous to be true, and that's what I asked so many questions. I could not harmonize that version with the facts as they were slowly coming out.
Now it appears that he was he was in special education for three years at the school, a known discipline problem who was intentionally dumped into the mainstream with you intentionally being mislead by the administration to believe that he was receiving appropriate support, while at the same time the other parents with some complicity by the district were conspiring to run him out on manufactured charges. That seems slightly more plausible, but if you want to succede in selling your cause, I suggest you tone down the attacks against those who question the merits of your case and get your story straight.
Please also go back and read my posts. I never said your son was defective. The article described him as "unruly", so I did. My "faulty" brain wiring was corrected as "different" brain wiring by your wife. If that was politically incorrect and unsensitive, I apologize.
btw: when i could not remember my pusddad password from my home computer for my work computer, I became pusd papa at work. I would be foolish to give you my real name because I have learned how you treat those who dare to disagree with your cause. My neighbors would not like my house being picketed with "Say No to Bullies" signs.
posted by pusd papa on 6/29/11 @ 12:16 p.m.
Actually, I invited you to my home. You never responded.
posted by Tbee on 6/29/11 @ 12:30 p.m.
Pusdpapadad, What is your take/opinion on this news article? Specifically pages 1 & 2. Please share your thoughts. Thank you kindly.
posted by ChristyMae on 6/29/11 @ 12:56 p.m.
I'll stop by for you to autograph one of my old Adolescents records. I wish you, your family and son well. I advise you to be prepared to address every issue and point I raised if you wish to succede. Don't kill yourself in the process. Your boy needs you more than he needs smes.
posted by pusd papa on 6/29/11 @ 01:00 p.m.
Pusddad pussydad !!Well then you shouldnt be the bully that you are than no signs would be needed for that lawn of yours (which is your version of a driveway for your chrysler besides being your scrap yard and a place to hold your burning stakes )
posted by beauteous lady on 6/29/11 @ 01:03 p.m.
There were three children in my child's classroom that were demonstrating what I refer to as typical boy behavior. Call that what you will. My son took the fall. Come to your own conclusions, personally, it seems that my opinions mean more to you than yours do to me.
posted by Tbee on 6/29/11 @ 01:07 p.m.
Considering how we've been treated in discussing, and asserting, the civil rights of not only our child, but all with learning differences, I'd say that your suggestion that we would somehow mistreat those that disagree with us is actually, quite unfair. We have simply responded, sometimes kneejerk reaction, to what is being leveled at us.
We have learned of the names of a few of the parent bullies, and I call them bullies because they fit the definition. I have the names of the parents who filed false claims with the SMPD. Unlike the respect shown for our son, we have not put their names in a public forum. We have not gone to their homes and picketed them, and some of them live right down the street from us.
We have shown significantly more respect than has ever been shown to our son, or our family.
You, have our name, you have seen our photo. We do not know you, nor anything about you.
We also do not know most of the names of the parents. The only way we know, is by the looks our son, and we, receive, often unexpectedly, while walking through the school, or down the street.
I would also suggest you look at how you questioned our integrity, our motives, our parenting, our consideration, even our courtesy, and then consider how you would have responded, if you were in our shoes.
I have not gathered any minions, or mindless followers. There are open-minded, decent, people all over this world that are watching this unfold. There are people who see a family faced with a pretty horrible situation, but who are continuing to hold their heads high, and advocate for their child, and others, despite being faced with ridicule, bigotry, and outright discrimination. There are also people that have been faced with similar situations in their own lives, and who have decided to stand beside us in this- without needing to have every single shred of evidence in hand to do so.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/29/11 @ 01:13 p.m.
Some psychopaths are able to detect the emotions of others with such a theory of mind and can mimic caring and friendship in a convincing manner, often in an effort to exploit others.
posted by ChristyMae on 6/29/11 @ 01:14 p.m.
And thank you for your final statement pusddad. If we can all walk away from this learning something, then it is worth the effort.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 6/29/11 @ 01:18 p.m.
I would revoke his invitation. Stranger Danger!
posted by ChristyMae on 6/29/11 @ 01:19 p.m.
Christy: I don't know why so much attention needs to be placed upon the plight of children that act violently in school and their families. If children are taught in the home that violence and aggressive behavior are unacceptable, they will almost always not engage in that activity, unless they suffer from type of disorder like autism. My experience is that most of the aggressors in my kids' school were taught to act that way, or were not taught to not act that way, so I have little empathy for their parents if a summary suspension comes as a surprise. I don't care if a kid who attacks mine is hauled away by the cops and put under juvenile court jurisdiction, and therefore becomes more likely to drop out, unless he suffers from a type of disorder like autism. I have concern with the child who is suspended or significantly disciplined for defending himself. The small minority of consistently aggessive violent children should be segregated from the others. I have no problem with cops on middle school campuses when needed.
posted by pusd papa on 6/29/11 @ 01:54 p.m.
Pussy papa are you not at work?
Hope your boss doesnt catch you vacillating between having empathy for a child with autisum and none whats so ever. Who are you trying to fool?
And thank God tbee for taking back your invite to the mentally deranged one ,who knows what paraphernalia he would show with and what character he would be ( jason , freddie, michael , bela )!!!
posted by beauteous lady on 6/29/11 @ 02:56 p.m.
My apologies, I suppose I should have been more specific. I assumed that you would find interesting, the ACLU survey, which revealed the districts failure to notify Parents in a timely manner of circumstances that put students at risk of suspension and expulsion. Even more intriguing, the Parents Not Notified section of the article, which states that PUSD staff reported to the Board that the District has no obligation to inform parents when children are questioned by school officials. It also states that Staff provided no data on the issue of when and how PUSD notifies parents of at risk students. I assumed you would find that part of the article relevant to the Brandenburg's issue regarding their Son. But then again, assuming makes an ass out of you and me...
posted by ChristyMae on 6/29/11 @ 03:34 p.m.
Thanks cm, we did have something in place called Hughes bill, and if there were indeed acts of aggression, which, by law, we were to be notified within 24 hours. What occurred did not follow that criteria, so either the parents are liars, or the district is out of compliance in a huge way.
I think both the parents, and the district, are afraid of footing the blame. I would be satisfied with an apology, one which in legalese, absolved the parties if that is what they are afraid of.
How Christian of me.
We are again, pdaypapa, saying we don't know wtf happened, but no one is copping to any of it, and our child is being blamed.
posted by Tbee on 6/29/11 @ 03:47 p.m.
@ChristyMae: I remember reading this when it was published.
The part that struck me most, then and now is the statement: "Putting in place safeguards against disproportional reaction to relatively minor infractions (fist fights, tagging) that too often result in suspensions, expulsions and arrests, i.e., a “schools to prison pipeline.”
I love how we tell our kids that fighting and vandalism are "minor" infractions. Where I grew up, and I agree with the policy, a fist fight is automatic suspension for a few days. A bad fight (injuries) or bad vandalism of school property (tagging) are grounds for immediate suspension.
Middle school/ high school kids acting in ways that they "know" are improper is a much different situation than an 8 year old with a diagnosed condition.
posted by True Freedom on 6/29/11 @ 03:52 p.m.
Christy: I need to move on. I have been neglecting my wife kids and job because of this compelling story about this boy and his family and those affected by him, and need to go back to being an ignorant, intolerant, sociopath in the other areas of my life. Plus, I have to get to a klan meeting. I'll think about this aclu business later. I know there was a very recent supreme court case on miranda in school settings that sides with kids. You are not an ass.
posted by pusd papa on 6/29/11 @ 03:53 p.m.
argh, my second use of "suspension" should be "expulsion".
posted by True Freedom on 6/29/11 @ 03:53 p.m.
I agree with TF.
posted by pusd papa on 6/29/11 @ 04:01 p.m.
The part that struck me was that which is relevant to the Brandenburg family's case: Parents. Not. Notified.
It doesn't take a wizard to see the difference between middle/high school students' improper actions than that of a second grade boy with Autism...

Is this this the real true freedom or pusdpapadaddy posing as true freedom? Your time stamps are literally a minute apart from one another. Was true freedom really pusdpapadady all along? We will never know...
posted by ChristyMae on 6/29/11 @ 04:34 p.m.
Papa, I thought you had some business to attend to.
posted by ChristyMae on 6/29/11 @ 04:35 p.m.
He's funny like that
posted by Tbee on 6/29/11 @ 06:09 p.m.
I have time time to continue thinking about this. What I don't understand is why 2 parents highly educated in a subject matter directly relating to their special child would not personally confirm what was being told to him about the special accommodations made for him in a school so close to their home? Why rely on multiple emails to ensure compliance? If they know more about this than the providers, why not simply go and see for themselves that the protocol was being followed?
Furthermore, if they did little more than drop off and pick up their child from school, as they state, how can they in good conscience allege that the other kids were bullying their child?
posted by pusddad on 6/29/11 @ 06:54 p.m.
sorry "had time"
told to "them"
posted by pusddad on 6/29/11 @ 06:57 p.m.
How was work pussydad? glad to see your at home under your home name!!
Now are you sure its a good idea for you to continue thinking? I dont want your brain to overtax itself and get a hemorrhoid from over excreting !
posted by beauteous lady on 6/29/11 @ 07:02 p.m.
Cm, when I say occurrences, the district alleged many incidents, stated we were notified, and took great efforts to support that they did notify us, but we simply didn't know, and they have nothing documented that says we did. There was a protocol that wasn't followed, and the district is covering it up.
Pdad I think I've covered it here. Allowing you, a stranger, to access these records compromises more than just my family's confidentiality. It also compromises the confidentiality of people who, though I am not obligated to protect them, deserve to be treated better than my family have been by them.
posted by Tbee on 6/29/11 @ 08:47 p.m.
We checked in, through chain of command, and followed protocol. It's all documented. We did what we needed to do.
posted by Tbee on 6/29/11 @ 08:50 p.m.
Unlike many, however, keeping documentation is what we were trained to do. Most parents aren't and don't track like we do. We kept excellent records of all of our contacts and discussions with the school and district.
what a shame that we felt compelled to do so.
posted by Tbee on 6/29/11 @ 09:14 p.m.
Christy: I need to move on. I have been neglecting my wife kids and job because of this compelling story about this boy and his family and those affected by him, and need to go back to being an ignorant, intolerant, sociopath in the other areas of my life. Plus, I have to get to a klan meeting. I'll think about this aclu business later. I know there was a very recent supreme court case on miranda in school settings that sides with kids. You are not an ass.
posted by pusd papa on 6/29/11 @ 03:53 p.m.
I commend you for coming clean... now just let us know who you are and who you are working for so it is well documented...
posted by Baloney on 6/30/11 @ 03:43 a.m.
I think pussydad has moved on to busy with torching the city with other klan members so i hope he wont have anymore bm's on this page i'm really getting sick of the smell!
posted by beauteous lady on 6/30/11 @ 07:53 a.m.
I quote, "PUSD also hired behavior specialist Jacqueline Marvel to help lead efforts to train teachers and build important relationships between the district and autism organizations, researchers and parent groups that may help foster increased awareness."
Well, guess what? For some reason, those efforts to train teachers, and build important relationships don't include the Brandenburg family! Ms. Marvel confirmed this via email to the Brandenburgs that she will have nothing to do with training teachers at Sierra Madre, nor in fostering autism awareness where this family is concerned. Instead, this child is going to once again be dropped into the same situation that has not been remedied......presumably to fail again.
posted by stepfordrenegade on 8/18/11 @ 10:50 p.m.